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Concentrix letter.

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KirkMatthews Thu 07-Jul-16 09:01:36

I am a single parent, father with no support physically or financially from my ex and I'm working full time to support us.

I had received a letter from concentrix asking for proof of my childcare costs from april2015-jan2016. I had to reply by Feb2016.

I thought I had sent it off, I hadn't. I have now 6months later found the letter still sealed in the envelope in a pile of paperwork.

My payments have NOT been stopped.

I'm now concerned i may face a penalty fine or have it stopped as soon as they get the info.
I will send it anyway but upon averaging my costs i have worked out i have been overpaid in tax-credits as my babysitter fell ill a number of times last year.
I am also receiving free early learning hours with the local pre-school for my 3yearold daughter.
however I have never had any financial info given to me regarding these free hours. I assumed this was dealt with between the gov/council and the school.


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