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which 2 months do we not pay council tax?

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katzg Tue 23-Jan-07 11:56:32

which 2 months do you not pay council tax?

i thought it was jan feb but they have taken the money this month

damewashalot Tue 23-Jan-07 11:58:25

Feb March

katzg Tue 23-Jan-07 11:59:44

thanks, was just wondering,

ChipButty Tue 23-Jan-07 12:03:27

Thought it was just water rates. If it's Council Tax then you have just made my day, week and month as I am BAAAADly overdrawn! x

katzg Tue 23-Jan-07 15:37:25

yep pretty certain you only pay council tax 10 months of the year, went and checked the website and it is feb/march you get off

noddyholder Tue 23-Jan-07 15:38:07

hurray!Didn't know that

katzg Tue 23-Jan-07 16:24:38

double checking, but my council's website says The Council Tax bill is usually paid for the year in ten monthly installments, unless you have choosen to extend it.

BURNINGTHECANDLE Tue 23-Jan-07 16:26:51

Feb and March are the free months and begins again in April with the New budget and any increases they make to them

trixymalixy Tue 23-Jan-07 23:32:01

You've made my day as well. I had completely forgotten about this when doing my financial calcs for me being on mat leave!!

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