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Income Support/Maternity Allowance help

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ApplesOnAStick Wed 29-Jun-16 14:23:24

I'm after some advice on entitlements after getting nowhere with JobCentre, ACAS and CAB

I'm a single mum of 2 and currently pregnant. I receive housing benefit, council tax benefit and child/working tax credits. I was signed off sick before Christmas for stress and anxiety and am about to come to the end of my 28 weeks paid SSP. I'm trying to figure out what I do next. Can anyone tell me if I would be entitled to income support if I handed in my notice at work and if so whether it would be paid from the date my employment ended or whether I would have to wait a period of time? If so, any idea how long?

Also, I can't work out if I would be entitled to maternity allowance. Although I have worked for my employer for long enough I know I wouldn't get SMP as I am below the average weekly earning to qualify. But no one can tell me whether being on sick leave counts towards the number of weeks I need to work to qualify for maternity allowance. I need to be able to claim this as my partner will be moving in before baby is due so I would lose other benefits but would like to know I will have some income of my own rather than have to rely on him completely.

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