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Working after maternity leave

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Greyhorses Tue 28-Jun-16 08:50:30

I am trying to work out with my employer how many hours I will return to work on and how much I will take home.

I wonder i it's worth working less hours to stay under the tax threshold of 11k or working more but being taxed, so will I actually earn the same roughly despite more hours?

I will be paying childcare and earn 9.24 an hour so not massive amounts. Ideally I want to work as few hours as possible to reduce childcare costs but need as much take home pay as possible as we are struggling confused

I don't want to work full time, ideally around 20hours per week if possible! Any thoughts?

NapQueen Tue 28-Jun-16 08:55:24

Have you looked at what help you will get off the government? We get roughly 50% of our childcare bill back in the form of tax credits (combined income 34k pretax). That would help you figure out financially.

Staying just under the threshold makes sense imo!

Greyhorses Tue 28-Jun-16 09:25:55

Thanks nap queen, I didn't think we were entitled to anything as DP earns 26k and I used to earn 18k (although won't now!)

I will look into tax credits smile

Diddlydokey Tue 28-Jun-16 09:36:00

Try this calculator

You would probably have qualified when you were on mat leave too

Babyroobs Tue 28-Jun-16 09:52:09

I'm pretty sure you would get help with childcare costs, or you could look into whether either of your employers participate in the childcare voucher scheme which is a salary sacrifice scheme where you buy childcare vouchers pre tax. You need to work out which woud be most beneficial.

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