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I'm a disorganised fuckwit, now Erudio has sent me a default notice

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midcenturymodern Sun 26-Jun-16 17:21:17

I accept this is probably entirely my own fault

I have 3 student loans, the first taken out in 1996, the total debt currently just short of £5k.

I have always deferred, either because I wasn't earning enough and when I was a SAHP DH would send confirmation that he was 'supporting' me (iirc)

I have a letter saying that a 'notice of default was sent' on 23/05/16. I'm not saying it wasn't but I can't find it. As I haven't taken the necessary actions then they want all the money within 7 days (letter dated 22/06 - I opened it today, not sure when it was delivered). Now I think about it I haven't deferred for ages but I can't remember getting a deferral from them or when I last deferred. I'm very disorganised and very dyslexic so I can't say they haven't sent me anything.

Is there anything I can do bar pay up? (very tricky but not impossible with overdraft etc.)

RedHelenB Sun 26-Jun-16 17:35:57

you need to ask them for a deferment form but I think you may have to pay the monthly loan repayments until that goes through.

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