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Tax credits

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Lar4 Fri 24-Jun-16 16:17:50

Well any advice would be great thank you. I earned £2,600 last year (I finished work in september as I am a full time student and could no longer afford childcare after rent, bills car ect came out) so we have struggled. My partner earned £21,000 last year but has now been offered a new job (his dream job) but there is a problem, it only pays £16,000 a year for the first year (but the pay goes up the second year to more than he is on at his current job). we get £80 child benefit a month and our tax credits is £35 a month ! we do not no how we are going to go on, so if we were to ring tax credits would be entitled to more help to help us get by this year ? we are struggling so much, please no bashing this is my first post and would love to hear everyone's advice, thank you smile

justjuanmorebeer Tue 28-Jun-16 14:22:39

Yes I would think so as the child tax credit threshold for one child is 16k. You won't get working tax credits though I don't think unless you are also working at least 16 hours alongside your course. Call them to check though and ask them to use this years figures not last years.

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