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Microsoft Buys Linkedin.

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user1465902296 Tue 14-Jun-16 12:16:20

Microsoft just announced that they have acquired Linkedin for $26 billion.

I am a passive Linkedin user, I am on it because I think it looks good to be on in case somebody wants to verify who I am. However, I am not active, I do not post and do not really look for jobs there. I have apply maybe a dozen times in the past five years.

Are you on linkedin and if so, how useful have you found it?

jessica132 Tue 14-Jun-16 12:38:25

I use LinkedIn a lot. I like the idea of a more "professional" social network. You and your business can grow easily with LinkedIn. I have some mixed feelings about Microsoft buying LinkedIn. A new owner usually means new changes, and my opinion is Microsoft didn't have quite good ideas since Win7. Let's hope they'll turn LinkedIn into something better, and not into something worse. smile

PastoralCare Tue 14-Jun-16 12:39:44

How do you get a business to grow easily?

EBearhug Tue 14-Jun-16 12:48:43

I am contacted by recruitersten about once a month, have had job interviews and a job offer. My current employer always looks at candidates' LinkedIn profiles.

I have also found it useful to get in touch with networking groups, particularly around women in technology, and I'very been to a couple of events through it.

I think how useful it is will depend partly on your industry (I'm in IT.)

I too have mixed feelings about what will happen next - there are certainly things LinkedIn can improve, but the same can be said of M$. There's potential for improvement - but no guarantee.

FinallyHere Tue 14-Jun-16 13:49:06

Another fairly passive Linked user here. I do like it, so that i can keep up with genuine business contacts and keep these separate from my friends. My sector of this industry is quite small so its good to have a way of looking up people i haven't yet met. Oh, and see what happened to the people with whom i studied but didn't keep in touch.

Hope Microsoft can build on the current success.

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