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user1465641106 Sat 11-Jun-16 11:48:50

Hi there, I'm new here and in a bit of a panic so wonder if anyone has any advice!
I recently moved out of my rented flat as was struggling with the rent, I'm lucky in as much as my boyfriend owns a few properties so he said I could live in one he purchased recently as he needs to do work on it and can't rent it out until it's finished, therefore I am not paying rent! I am solely responsible for all the bills and all are in my name, he does not live with me but stays over on a regular basis, he has been staying here looking after me for the last 10 weeks as I have had 2 back operations but he is not contributing in any financial way, I have received a letter from Concentrix this morning saying they have information that another adult is living here, I am not worried in as much as that I know I'm not doing anything wrong but I am worried as they have asked me to supply a rental agreement or mortgage statement which I obviously don't have, I believe this has stemmed from him getting credit for a new kitchen from b&q for the house and because his bank account was in a different address than where the kitchen needed to be delivered they wanted utility bills, but he lives with his mum so doesn't have any, so they said the easiest thing would be to change his bank details to this address and they wouldn't need proof as both address's would match on the credit check... Phew this is long winded! Any how can any one tell me if I'm doing anything wrong living in a boyfriends property not paying rent but not living with him? I work full time but get tax credits and Dla for my disabled son.
Thanks in advance Jo x

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