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New Customer Discounts

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unimagmative13 Tue 07-Jun-16 10:28:14

I'm in the process of moving house. Most of our bills are in mine or DH name. Not joint.

I saw on MSE that Sky were doing £30 for a complete bundle (sports movie the whole shebang) my code expired over a month ago. I rung Sky as a new customer and I could get this deal with multi room added. I asked for them to call back in an hour, my DP, a Sky customer for 6 years rung up. He asked for the same package ( currently we have cheapest package plus movies) they said it would be £70, he go transferred to someone better who offered him a free recordable box for the multi room, so he just cancelled. We signed up in my name.

We shop with Ocado and they reward new customers so my DP can open an account with them.

So my question is, how do they recognise a new customer? Is it address, email, payment card? Could you open up new accounts under the same address? We are moving so its handy.

We tried for our internet but existing customer was better from Virgin.

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