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24 + loan, what happens if I can't finish my course?

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inarmsofanangel Thu 02-Jun-16 09:43:19

Hi, Separated from husband last year and have three kids under 7. We moved out and started over again in a new place.
I really wanted to start again so I started volunteering in my local school and started a Teaching Assistant course.
I have funding through 24+ loans (like SLC)
Things are just not going to plan atm. It's been a nightmare getting a placement with schools taking weeks to reply, offering me a place then not getting back to me. I now have a placement I'm supposed to start next week but I am stranded in London as my car has broken down. I don't know how I am going to afford a car atm and I desperately need to start this placement. (I know I probably should have started earlier but I jumped into the course thinking a placement would be easier to sort out - my fault!)
There is no public transport up to the school I need to get to (It's a small village school) and I've just rearranged kid's hours at nursery to fit around it.
I've worked hard and was feeling pretty proud of myself for having got with sorting my life out and moving on but now I just don't know how I can do it without a car and not having the time before my practical assignments start to even start saving up for one. This amongst lots of other things this month which have all accumulated at the same time.

I feel gutted and a bit defeated, but my question is, will they require me to pay the whole loan back straight away if I don't finish the course?
I'm doing it online and I don't think they will be very sympathetic. I'm worried I'll have to pay the course fees off all at once.

Thank you

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