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Missed a credit card payment - effect on credit rating?

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AlbusPercival Tue 31-May-16 16:07:51

I have been an idiot.

I pay off my credit card bill in full every month, but not by direct debit as it is paid off from different sources depending on circumstances i.e. if they are work expenses it is a different account to say home improvements

Anyway, last month I completely forgot to pay it. Only realised when next statement came in and I had a penalty payment. I then paid it immediately. Balance including penalty was approx £90.

How much will this mess up my credit rating? We are due to remortgage in the Autumn and am worried I have stupidly screwed us over.

simplydivine05 Wed 01-Jun-16 16:28:12

It depends whether it goes down as missed or late, late isn't too bad. You can check your credit file for free at If you remortgage with the same company they won't credit check you unless you change your term or borrow more. Even so, if you can provide a good rational for the missing payment, some companies will let it slide. I took out a mortgage with one late payment on my file although it was two years old at the time.

TaIkinPeace Wed 01-Jun-16 20:51:59

this obsession with credit ratings is mostly hot air

just get the money paid off and TALK TO THE card company

AlbusPercival Thu 02-Jun-16 07:28:39

Thanks both, stupid question Talkin, but what do I actually say? I'm sorry completely forgot please don't mark it as missed?

DailyFailAteMyFish Thu 02-Jun-16 07:32:56

Yes, you can call them up and say you forgot. You can then set up a dd for the minimum. The company should refund the charge if you're a good customer and all will be well.

Palomb Thu 02-Jun-16 07:33:17

I had this and I rang them and appologised profusely, paid the bill and asked the very nicely to strike it from my record, which they did.

Worth speaking to them.

AlbusPercival Thu 02-Jun-16 11:10:55

Thanks all, spoke to bank, they will keep late payment fee, fair enough, but wont mark it on my credit file.

Very glad I asked now!

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