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csa payments stopping in november help!

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chubbylover78 Sun 29-May-16 21:06:52

I've had a letter from the csa saying my payments will stop in november and I need to contact the cmo to arrange new payments. My ex husband has had the same letter so I called him to see what he wanted to do.
He says he wants to keep on paying me the same amount I get now and he will pay me direct. I suggested I call the cmo so they can work out what my payments should be when the time comes but my ex husband says he's happy to pay the same even though work stopped his continental shift bonus in July 2015 and he's taken a £250 a month pay cut.
We tried direct pay in the past but he wasn't consistent so I went back with the csa and found he wasn't paying enough.
His relationship with his partner broke down and he didn't tell the csa so when I found out I told them because he was still claiming for a child living with him and my money went up again.
The last time the csa did a check on the amount he should pay was in 2012/2013 and my amount doubled because his son (from a previous relationship) finished college.
All I want is to be paid the correct amount I'm entitled to, but I can't help think he's lying and that's why he wants to pay the same.
I can't comprehend how someone can take a £250 a month pay cut and still afford all the same bills as well as living the lifestyle he does.
Aibu to want to get it checked out and risk getying lesd or should I just accept the same amount?

concertplayer Mon 30-May-16 15:42:00

The Csa is being replaced shortly. Have you seen the Gingerbread
site which explains the new system really clearly?
Having another child from a previous relationship and also having
a child in his household would reduce his assessment considerably.
The Csa can usually do checks on this aspect .
His income can be checked with his employer and possibly the Inland
Revenue but they cannot give you any details under DP.
If you are unhappy about an assessment you can ask them to look
at it again but you need to do it as soon as you get written confirmation
of it as there are strict time limits.
If you are still unhappy you can ask for an Appeal -more formal , kind
of hearing Lifestyle Inconsistent with Declared Income

chubbylover78 Mon 30-May-16 16:10:03

He has a son from a previous relationship who's 22 and his new wife has a son but he's working and doesn't live with them.
The first time the csa asked him for his earnings he refused so they went straight to his hr department and they took 6 months to give any information to the csa.
He's always bragging about his latest new car or caravan (this one cost £17000) and how he's on triple time for doing certain shifts etc.
I've looked at the cmo website and I know my options but I'm unsure as to whether to take the risk and take him at his word or not.

concertplayer Wed 01-Jun-16 16:06:21

So it took 6 months to make the first assessment as employer
delaying on giving the info?
Which year was this?

concertplayer Wed 01-Jun-16 16:22:13

What is your current Assessment 2012/2013?
How much do you think he currently earns gross?
If you do not want to put this on a public forum then private message me
I can only give you advice if you answer these questions i'm afraid

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