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Concentrix confusion?

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Cerseilannisterinthesnow Mon 23-May-16 19:56:48

Today I received my first ever letter from concentrix wanting to check my childcare costs, this to begin with confused me so I checked my award sheet from my tax credits renewal pack and it doesn't say anywhere that I get a childcare element of working tax.

Ok so I phone them and try to find out what is going on lady I spoke to says she needs the receipts from 15/16 tax year, I explain I didn't think I was getting any help towards childcare (i estimated my costs as being £40 when asked last year, this is more now as have 2 children in childcare but am managing to pay it myself). Turns out I may have been overpaid whilst on Mat leave last year (8months) as I didn't put them into childcare while of but when I phoned tax credits to inform them I was on maternity leave they said my money would stay the same regardless confused

So fair enough I'll send the stuff they are asking for but out of interest I use the turn 2 us calculator to see what my money comes out as but leave my childcare costs as £0 and the end result is that my working tax credit amount matches what is on my award notice which was input with no childcare costs so I am very confused now as I don't think I receive any childcare contribution from what the calculator says? Sorry I'm really making no sense but I'm a bit hacked off!

Thanks for any answers

Cerseilannisterinthesnow Tue 24-May-16 07:01:04


IceMaiden73 Tue 24-May-16 12:31:09

It all sounds very confusing, but you have spoken to them and they will sort it out with you. I'm not sure what type of replies you are expecting as your post was more a statement than a question x

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