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Tax credits concentrix letter

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Caz2016 Wed 18-May-16 19:36:55

Hello guys. I'm here for a bit of advice. Today I received a letter from concentrix about childcare payments investigation. They want all the details eg bank statements, receipts for period 15/16.
I've stopped claiming childcare in July 2013 and I phoned them and told them about it. I never realised I was receiving childcare element on my awards as I never check them properly. So i was surprised to see that letter. Anyway, I phoned up today to inform them that I have not been paying childcare for over 2 years and the guy told me they are reviewing my claim and will be in touch shortly. Will I be fined for this? They reckon I never phoned then to tell them about it. Thanks.

SparklySoul Wed 18-May-16 20:58:40

There are a LOT of childcare checks being done by Concentrix at the moment.

Was it Concentrix you called to tell them you don't have any costs now? Did they want anything more from you? Have you got your award to see now how much you were paid for your childcare?

It seems like a 10% fine might be given, and you'll just have to pay it back + your overpayment through future awards.

I'm in a similar position at the moment - my childcare stopped in September and I know I told them (I also updated my income) and when my award came through it said £0 childcare element so I assumed it was all updated. When I got my renewal I saw that the childcare costs were still on there, so I rang to let them know and they said they couldn't change anything now as the case is with Concentrix. So i'm waiting to hear how much of an overpayment i'll have to repay.

Caz2016 Wed 18-May-16 21:07:41

No i spoke to the tax credits, not the concentrix. The guy told me I have to wait till they review it all and will be in contact. But I might have to give concentrix a call too by the looks of it.

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