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Additional CHB payment going into my account

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scarletmonkey Wed 18-May-16 14:00:02

For the past couple of months I’ve had additional child benefit payments into my account. The first one in April, I just took as a welcome end of tax year adjustment (like tax credits) and though no more about it.

This month, it’s happened again. I’ve got a payment for £137.60 as expected and then an erroneous additional £82.80 again. So I’ve now had an additional £165.60 that I’ve not asked for or expected.

I’ve phoned CHB helpline today and they asked if anyone was using my account to pay their child benefit into (they aren’t) They checked my claim and confirmed that I only have the claim for the two children. He asked if the reference numbers on the payment were different, (they are) said basically this extra £82.80 must be someone elses claim and they’ve put the wrong bank account details on their claim form. He said there was nothing anyone could do until the person whos money it should be phones them up and tells them they aren’t getting their CHB, as they were paying to the account requested.

So it seems am I just supposed to have this money keep coming into my account until someone realises their mistake and corrects their bank details? The man on the phone said if it’s the claimants fault they put the wrong details on, they’ve lost that money. If it’s HMRCs fault, they may be able to get it back. I asked what could I do about it and he basically said nothing!!

The first lot went on towards the childrens nursery fees as I didn’t know realise it was an error, so that's gone. This second lot I’ve moved into a different account so it doesn’t get spent,. But he basically said they can’t/won’t ask for it back, I’ve not made a faulty claim, they can’t stop paying the money into my account and I’ll just have to wait until the other person realises they aren’t getting their money!

I feel very uncomfortable about this. I asked him if he could make a note that I’d phoned about the error, given there was nothing else I can apparently do. I don't want this to come to light in a few months and then get in trouble for accepting the money, even though I have no choice about it.

I was thinking about writing them a letter as well just so I can say “look you are sending me this money, it’s not mine. I’ve asked you to stop, but you won’t” and keep putting it in a savings account or somewhere so when they ask for it back I won’t of spent it.

I just don’t want this to come and bite me in the backside if they realise someones made a mistake and I’ve been getting money I shouldn’t of.

What should I do? I don’t want to get into trouble!

angielou123 Wed 18-May-16 14:10:34

You are good to put it aside in case of future problems. I wonder how many people would do that? If it's not your mistake, and you've phoned, reported it, and been told there's nothing that can be done (which sounds a bit strange), i'm not sure what else you can do. keep saving it and if it never gets claimed, you've got yourself an unexpected windfall.

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