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I have a tax credits / Childcare vouchers question

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FrazzleRock Thu 12-May-16 13:38:15

I do realise this might be a very very silly question...

I have just found out that I am no longer entitled to childcare tax credits because my partner has moved in with us and, with his income, we now earn too much as a couple. Never mind the fact that he has no financial responsibilty for my children. I am the one who pays for their childcare, but now I get nothing. I'm a bit fucked basically! I've gone drastically overdrawn paying for childcare on my own since I told them I am now co-habiting, thinking I will be backdated when they start my claim again. I wasn't expecting them to stop altogether!

So, I was thinking, seeing as the government think he should now pay towards childcare for my children, would he be entitled to childcare vouchers? I know I would be, but can we both claim?

Kanga59 Thu 12-May-16 15:49:54

Yes he can get childcare vouchers through his employer

Babyroobs Thu 12-May-16 16:53:59

If you are now a family unit then I imagine you both can claim them or could your child's biological dad claim them and help towards childcare costs? I assume you get child maintainence also?

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