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15 hours free funding - nursery problems

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Sjc79 Wed 11-May-16 18:15:21

My son is 3 and attends nursery.
I get 15hrs a week free funding.
I advised nursery today that I would like to give 4 weeks notice as I am not happy following an incident that took place last week. I was advised that he can't change nursery as they have claimed funding until September for him. If I change his nursery I will have to pay the 15 hrs myself as the funding cannot be transferred unless owner agrees. Of which I have been told they won't agree as the funding has gone into the budget.
My issue, I am not comfortable him attending there now. However can't afford the 15 hrs additional.
My question: I claim tax credits, if I move him to a new nursery and give them a copy of the nursery fees they will still pay their normal contribution to it won't they? The 15hr issue won't come into it??

MadBannersAndCopPorn Wed 11-May-16 18:53:38

Im sorry yous son hasnt had a nice time at nursery.

I'm not sure that's even right. I moved my dds nursery in a matter of days when I found out she had a space at her school's nursery. Just had ti fill out some forms.I'm not 100% but I'm pretty sure your child is entitled to 15 hours in a setting of your choice so if you choose to move him, he's entitled to it elsewhere, they just have to transfer the funding to the new setting.
Sounds like they've already allocated the funding and are reluctant to cough it up.

I may be totally wrong but have never heard of anyone being denied moving setting because the nursery has already claimed the money. You could speak to the early years person at your local council they should know where you stand on this one

Kanga59 Wed 11-May-16 19:07:20

You are right in that the funding is claimed by the nursery in terms. Otherwise each nursery in the country would be collecting money daily or weekly for each child and this isn't manageable.

Can you sort out your issue with the nursery? Is it something that they can learn from and put measures in place to stop happening again?

You can change his nursery whenever you want. Of course, your new nursery won't be able to claim his government funding until the Autumn term now though so you'll have a bill in the meantime.

I dont understand your question about tax credits paying into his new nursery. Do you work? In which case, you could inform tax credits that your childcare costs have gone from £0 to £whatever and they may adjust your tax credits payments meaning that you have some or all of it covered that way. Giving them a call is the only way to find out for sure.

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