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First Post(eek). Rent/£/marraige/kids/drama

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Wendywoo71 Mon 02-May-16 14:50:11

Any advice would be fab!! I'm a tad stuck in a situation. To cut a very long story short. I left husband with 2 kids, last year. Husband long term cocaine addiction, mental health issues, behaviour was becoming crazy, effecting kids, causing money issues. He tried to kill himself twice. He has borderline personality disorder and adhd, but the addiction makes it all worse. My mother in law took us in on a temporary basis. A year on he's now under the same roof. Due to financial issues. Not ideal!! Very little change in his wellbeing other than he's hanging on to his job. I thought he might have improved having hit rock bottom but no. I hate the situation. He's a bully, we hardly speak. He doesn't give me money towards the costs of kids. Car anything else. It's not good for the kids having parents who do not speak. He's disrespectful to me. Unprovoked. He demands money from me. He gets paid has nothing two days later. We both earn ok salaries. But his is didn't in 'other things'. I could write a book about his manipulative behaviour that comes with addiction!!

I was unable to get another private tenancy due to existing outstanding debt with our landlord but that is almost paid. He was a good lsnlird we had s good 8 years with him.

Problem; estate agents (most) don't seem to take deposit bonds offered by housing. Rents are very high in my area. There are no council properties. Also, I can't afford fill private rent in my own salary, I'm and it's not guaranteed what you get as 'help' I'd housing benefit. Also, a lot of agents don't seem to accept anyone who is getting support.

I work full time. I'm trying to get a pay rise. I'm not sure my husband will help me financially when / if I ever am able to move out.

I feel a bit trapped. Lost my home. I share s room with the kids. Which is fine. But not ideal long term.

Sorry long post!!!! Help!?

cbear000 Mon 02-May-16 15:01:37

That is a tricky one - I am sorry you are trapped like that.You really need to try and move out, living with exMIL and now ExH is not good.
I'm not sure about housing benefit, but can you pay off the outstanding debt ASAP and starting looking for private rent? Or try OpenRent, it might be a bit easier to bypass agencies and you can search by DSS/families accepted.

Wendywoo71 Mon 02-May-16 19:23:43

Thanks. Mil is ok and been supportive to me and the kids. She's in despair with her son too. She didn't bargain for us all being here. I'm hoping the outstanding will be paid soon and my son starts school so less nursery fees. Yes I will look on open rent. Thanks

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