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Housing benefit incorrectly stopped my claim. will my tax credits stop too? Please help

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neighbourhoodwoes Sat 30-Apr-16 17:28:28

I recieve part housing benefit as self employed. Housing benefit have stuffed up and stopped my claim because they said i haven't sent a form back which I have proof I have. (online form)

Does that mean I wont get my tax credits next week does anyone know?

Of course it is bank holiday weekend 😢

gallicgirl Sat 30-Apr-16 17:32:02

Your tax credits will be fine.
HB don't feed info to them unless they suspect fraud.

fucketbanny Sat 30-Apr-16 17:34:39

No, it is unlikely as tax credits are administered by hmrc and housing benefit is your local authority. Sounds like your la want proof of your income as they want to be sure you are not being overpaid.
Occasionally a working tax credits claim starting or coming to an end or a single or joint tax credits claim starting or ending can cause hb to be automatically suspended but I don't believe it works the other way round.

neighbourhoodwoes Sat 30-Apr-16 18:56:03

Thanks! Fingers crossed sad

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