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MLM Bot Watch 20 - chat about Utah based tragicomic cultastic racketeering scamalangadingdongs like Forever Living, Ariix, Herbalife, Younique, Juiceplus etc etc etc

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stopfaffing Thu 28-Apr-16 06:20:42

Bot Watch 19 - chat about Utah based tragicomic cultastic racketeering scamalangadingdongs like Forever Living, Ariix, Herbalife, Younique, Juiceplus etc etc etcThread 19
Links to follow...grin

stopfaffing Thu 28-Apr-16 06:35:23

Check these links for history and background information about MLM.

stopfaffing Thu 28-Apr-16 06:36:55

More notes to read....

"MLMs make money by exploiting the salesforce"

Legitimate companies (LCs) use salespeople to sell their products. LCs pay
their salespeople basic plus commission on sales. LCs fund training, meetings, and kick-off events. LCs supply sales materials and tools free of charge. LCs incur, therefore, some costs per salesperson. LCs do not make money on salespeople purchasing their products. LCs make sure that each salesperson has a designated area such that salespeople don't saturate the marketplace. And of course, LCs don't allow salespeople to recruit other salespeople without OK from the company!.

Multi-Level-Marketing companies (MLMs) pay no basic to Independent Business Owners (IBOs) who, purportedly, sell their products. MLMs charge IBOs for joining. MLMs then charge IBOs for - and make money from - all training, meetings, kick-off events, sales materials, demo kit and tools. Therefore rather than incur costs per salesperson, MLMs make money off each IBO. MLMs encourage IBOs to purchase their products and MLMs profit off these; MLMs use jargon to blur the distinction between IBO personal purchase and "sales". MLMs are happy that IBOs recruit new IBOs below them (as MLMs make money off each salesperson, whether they sell anything or not); due to this, there are no restrictions on IBO-saturation of an area.

Bottom line at the bottom: "MLMs make money buy exploiting the salesforce(IBOs). And I hav'nt even mentioned the cult-like mind control hooks that MLMs use! Beware!

The issues we have with MLMs are-
- people don't make money in them but they are told they will.
- people put a lot of time and effort and their dreams into these schemes only to have it not work.
- when it doesn't work they are led to believe it is their own fault.
- attraction marketing - ie people bring bad things on themselves, even plane crashes and floods. You can have anything you want just by 'being positive'.
- fake it until you make it bollocks.
- the legal health claims made for the wampum being sold.
- vulnerable and desperate people targeted to buy products and join the scheme.
- the personality takeover of new recruits (hence the term 'bots') into the inanely smiling, meme-posting, emulate-my-wonderful-lifestyle bot who will defriend friends and family if they disagree with the MLM.
- the fake smiley 'family' that are other bots that will turn on you and bully you when you leave their MLM.
- the sneery dislike of people with jobs and the assertion that people who have fulfilling careers that are well paid with holidays, sick pay, free training, expenses, spare time, pension are worthless and not as good as a scheme where you will lose money, have no spare time, no pension, no sick pay, no expenses.
- the blind faith that, even when presented with all the above facts and supporting evidence, bots still think MLM is a good idea because they see people who say they are rich through it, clutching massive cheques.
- the whole cult aspect of mind control and some very dubious methods of making people comply in these schemes.
- the ridiculous arguments that are presented by MLM adherents that are just plain wrong e.g. It's not a pyramid scheme because the person below me can make more than me, all companies are pyramid schemes, pyramid schemes are illegal so this one must be ok as it hasn't been shut down, the MLM is in lots of countries therefore it must be ok if those governments have accepted it, if you disagree with MLMs it is because you failed at one yourself, you can't understand MLM unless you have been in one yourself.

A brief history of the threads so far-

A few people were bemused at their friends' strange personality changes when they joined MLMs.
Eyespying told us they were tragicomic, thought stopping cultic racketeers.
We told him to go away, he was clearly obsessed, and can he go to his own serious thread?
We delved a bit deeper into the issues.
Eyes started creeping back. We told him he was too serious.
We became more horrified at the information being turned up and were sharing links.
Eyes told us aboutMerchants of Deception.
Timeless Vie was set up as a parody about MLMs.Facebook, Twitter, blog, Instagram and YouTube were all used.
People started coming forward, telling of their experiences in MLMs.
We became more horrified.
Bot Watch started on Facebook where links were put up of interest to do with MLMs.
Botwatchblog started and produced factual analysis of the discussions from MN.
MLM members (bots) waded in saying it was all ok. You can earn great money. You just have to work 19 hours a day and not worry about morals.
Bots complained about their names being used. Their lawyers complained to MNHQ so that MN now do not allow us to use bots' names or show screengrabs of their writings even if it is in the public domain.
Blogs and FB posts increased, with the increasing amount of facts and whistleblowers coming forward.
FL lawyer tried to get TV YouTube video banned.
Bots claimed we were bullying them because we were asking them questions they couldn't answer. we were called middle aged women and accused of being drug dealers.
It got a bit nasty so we ate some cheese for a bit and they went away.
Health claims from FL bots now reducing dramatically as a result of pestering from all of us.
We stopped telling Eyes he was too serious. We all started thinking in his language and realised he was right.
Eyes turned out to be very funny and entertained us all.
Sunday Times article produced exposing FL. With a little help from people here.
Lawyers still persisting in trying to ban TV's videos.

throwingpebbles Thu 28-Apr-16 06:42:20

Hopping on and chucking in a link to a hot off the press story from Timeless Vie!!

Nolongerconfused Thu 28-Apr-16 06:52:38

You ready for this?....this is copied from a secret group where medical claims are often made. Someone in the group asked for advice on female infertility and got this:-


Female Infertility cause by STD
- Berry Nectar/Aloe Vera Gel
- Propolis Tablets
- .Garlic Thyme
- B12+Folic Acid                      
- Multi-Maca
- Lycium(if not hypertensive)- A Beta Care
- Royal Gelly
- Artic Sea

Female Infertility caused by Hormonal Imbalance/Fallopian Tube blockage 
- Berry Nectar/Aloe Vera Gel
- B12+Folic Acid
- Multi-Maca
- Lycium(if not hypertensive)
- A Beta Care
- Royal Gelly
- Artic Sea

Female Infertility caused by Fibriod/Cysts 
- Berry Nectar
- Garlic Thyme
- Bee Propolis Tab
- Garcinia Plus
- Blossom Tea
- Lycium(if not hypertensive)- A Beta Care
- Artic Sea
- Echinacea Supreme 

Woman with Fibroid but needs a Baby
- Berry Nectar
- Garlic Thyme
- Bee Propolis Tab
- Royal Gelly
- Lycium(if not hypertensive)
- Artic Sea
- B12+Folic Acid

Missed Periods or Scanty periods
- Berry Nectar
- Pomersteen Power
- B12+Folic Acid
- Multi -Maca
- Artic Sea
- Garlic Thyme
- Royal Gelly

Non Stop Periods- Berry Nectar
- B12+Folic Acid
- A Beta care
- Artic Sea
- Royal Gelly

Also highly recommend acupuncture

You only have to type in TTC in the search bar and loads of non compliant posts pop up

throwingpebbles Thu 28-Apr-16 07:24:12

nolonger shock

Where do they get the ideas from to make these claims????
If FL's "official line" wink is that they don't allow claims, then how do so many bots end up making them, and in such detail too??

PMmeHun Thu 28-Apr-16 07:24:20

Morning teamies, regular poster here with a new name. Do you like it grin

stopfaffing Thu 28-Apr-16 07:36:51

Thread in chat about aloe vera here. What advice can we give her?

darceybussell Thu 28-Apr-16 07:42:39

For new people reading the thread, the percentage of people who will lose money in an MLM is greater than 99%. This is not a scheme for people to make a bit of extra pin money (it pretends to be, but it's not). For any bots who want to come on here and argue their MLM is for people to make a bit of extra pin money - don't bother! You'll get short shrift!

Twunk Thu 28-Apr-16 07:49:45

Wow NoLonger

It just so happens that up to EIGHT forever living supplements can help with infertility?

How much would a month's supply be? Say of the first one. Retail, no discounts.

cozietoesie Thu 28-Apr-16 08:37:00


Tokelau Thu 28-Apr-16 08:39:56

I've just seen a new one on Facebook. It's the DD of a friend. Has any heard of Acti-Labs? It looks very much like an MLM to me.

Tokelau Thu 28-Apr-16 08:40:50

That should be 'anyone' not 'any'.

rayofhope Thu 28-Apr-16 08:45:19

Acti-labs? Could that be connected to actiderm? If so, then yes mlm. Avoid! Tried some of their makeup and it wasn't good at all.

RaeSkywalker Thu 28-Apr-16 08:48:00

Nolonger shock

Nolongerconfused Thu 28-Apr-16 09:01:27

£187.15 + p&p

Twunk Thu 28-Apr-16 09:47:37

WHAT?! shock

I thought you might say £80!!!

Twunk Thu 28-Apr-16 09:52:52

Is that for one month?

cozietoesie Thu 28-Apr-16 09:56:33

A 'high margin offering' indeed. smile

Nolongerconfused Thu 28-Apr-16 10:06:00

I'm not sure it would even last 1 month to be honest. The gel likely wouldn't - depends how much she has to drink.
Plus i don't think that number of supplements together would be any good at all. She was likely feel very sick.

Patzy85 Thu 28-Apr-16 10:06:09

Nolonger - that is a huge amount of money and most likely won't help at all, it's just ripping off desperate people sad I wonder if they're also offering a money back guarantee with their claims!

Stopfaffing - that thread is how everyone I know feels about this stuff! It's exactly what people say behind a bot's back. The odd one may buy a couple of things to be nice at first but people really are starting to resent the way they're being used just for commission by someone they're meant to be friends with.

I have noticed on FB that lots of people are calling FL a cult. Posts by friends having enough of the company and its sales and recruitment tactics. People disliking the whole thing and voicing their opinions and getting a huge amount of support. (These people aren't middle-aged losers sitting behind a keyboard hating on successful people either, as the bots like to paint anyone who dislikes the industry.)

People are sick of it. People can see through it. People don't buy your suddenly "perfect life" and they definitely don't believe that toiletries have made it so.

I see so many #bossbitch memes where they're 'making it happen' - don't they realise that people think this is cringey and know it is fake?

Spongebobette Thu 28-Apr-16 10:12:51

ive been browsing some of the FL bot's' Facebook pages, not the top bots just the Manager types and I am struck by how similar the language they use is. Why do they all talk about 'smashing' a promotion??
The inspirational memes are hilarious. My pet bot posted one a few days ago listing all the women who'd found success later in life, including Oprah Winfrey. Most of the women mentioned are American and I hadn't even heard of some of them.

Melaw21 Thu 28-Apr-16 10:28:05

Morning teamies! Do any of our lovely exbots know anything about a vegas trip? My bot and several others were harping on about (supposedly) an all expenses paid trip for this year, and Im sure (worryingly) that mine had booked her flights etc... But it seems to have gone deathly quiet on that score 😬😐, im sure it was meant to be around this time of year? Can anyone enlighten? I hope to god bots havent lost a shitload of money on this too...

Nolongerconfused Thu 28-Apr-16 10:36:09

The Vegas trip is an Eric Worre (I assume as he's an author I'm allowed to say his name) seminar thingy. It's definitely NOT paid for unless a top bit has paid for a ticket for someone as an incentive - but I doubt it!
Sadly I do know a couple of people going to it and they aren't high up in the business and they have paid for it out of their own money. At the time everyone was promoting it I made sure I told my downline not to feel any pressure to go and none of them did thank god. I didn't think it was til August time?

Twunk Thu 28-Apr-16 10:40:19

Oh that bastard.

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