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working is pointless when you cant make ends meet

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diamond457 Tue 26-Apr-16 21:04:57

I walked out my job in Feb due to horrendous bullying from my boss. The bullying had been going on a year and I complained to her boss etc but nothing got resolved. It got so bad one day I walked out.
Dp earns too much to apply for any benefits tax credits etc so I went on sick with stress and found myself another job.
The new job told me I'd be doing 17hrs per week and build up more hours. So I resigned from my job and went to start today.
I got given my Rota today and this week I have eight hours!! They told me it would be school hours and two of the shifts are after school hours meaning I need to pay for childcare. Childcare alone is more than what I'd earn that day not factoring in petrol.
The next month it varies from eight to 12 hours a week.
The 17hours was tight enough, a lot less money and hours than my previous job but at least we would be able to pay the bills.
I am fuming and money is so tight.
I kwnow it's my fault for walking out a well paid job but my mental health was/is suffering and I felt I had no option.

lovebeingonthetrain Tue 26-Apr-16 21:08:29

It's not your fault, workplace bullying is horrendous. I'm sorry I've nothing useful to say but sympathy

Babyroobs Tue 26-Apr-16 23:29:22

I would stick it out for a while , it may be that the hours will increase. Also check whether you can get tax credits towards childcare so that you can be flexible with the hours they offer. In the meantime keep looking for another job. Sorry you are in this situation.

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