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Holiday money exchange rates and EU referendum

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YoScience Mon 25-Apr-16 11:30:03

Just wondering, do you think that the exchange rate will fall the closer we get to the EU referendum?

I go on holiday a the day before the ref and was thinking of getting my holiday spending money soon, as thinking perhaps the nearer we get the lower the pound will fall?

Going to USA so it would be US dollars, the exchange rate is rubbish at the moment, so thinking might be best to buy now than for it to fall more? Any thoughts?

annielostit Mon 25-Apr-16 15:10:26

The rates did drop a few weeks ago when Boris put 2pence worth in over something but they are rising again now. Euro back up 5c on last week & dollar is up a bit.
My opinion is you've got £X to spend and whatever the rate is that's what you've got.
We find its better to use a no charge credit card abroad (Halifax clarity) then you get the banks spot rate, which tends to be 4-5p higher than the exchange rates.
Post office rates are not good, check banks, supermarket banks etc, Ramsden's does the best rate in our town.
It's really all on the day, markets fluctuate. if we could pridicte it we'd not be worrying about exchange ratessmile

YoScience Mon 25-Apr-16 18:45:32

Yeah you are right I was just hoping to stretch my spending money a little further but I guess the fluctuations are so small that it really makes little difference.

I will look into the Halifax card. Thank you!

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