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Lloyds Packaged Bank account.

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babysunshine20 Sun 24-Apr-16 17:45:08

I filled in forms with the Consumer Savings network to see if i was owed any money back from my Lloyds packaged bank accounts. Got a letter back last week saying that the bank had said no and that the consumer savings network was going to pass all my details to the Ombudsman. So i filled in all my paperwork and sent it back to them. They said they will take 8 weeks for a decision. Has this happened to anyone else and has had any sucess stories. Thanks.

GreaseIsNotTheWord Sun 24-Apr-16 21:01:39

I hate to say it but you've completely wasted your money/time.

A three line letter to your bank, written by you, would have been dealt with in the exact same way as employing a company to do it for you - companies don't get dealt with any quicker or have a higher success rate and if they told you they do they are lying. They just take a hefty fee from any money you are refunded for basically doing bog all.

What was the reason the bank declined your complaint? What was the reason you felt you had been missold a PBA in the first place? These will be the main factors in the ombudsmans decision.

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