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credit debt collectors.

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Ahappynewmummy Mon 18-Apr-16 16:17:01

hey all,

firstly I don't know if I'm in the right place if not please tell me where I should go.

bit of background so you don't get confused and sorry if it's pretty long.

we moved into our private rented accommodation at the end of September. our house is a small world bedroom back to back house with only electric heating, cooker and hit water tank. we've been getting letters from a gas/electric company for an old tenant. I phoned this company up and they said I'm liable for any gas used from when I moved in up until now. long turned round and said this house is only electric. the landlord and estate agents also confirmed this. I went if it's gas then why is my cooker and fire electric cause it would be cheaper on gas. he agreed but kept repeating I need to pay for what I have used. I said I'm not paying for gas that I haven't used as I wasn't told about it. I said I'm ending the call and calling the estate agents as this is ridiculous. I called them a day they went they haven't got a clue why I'm getting letters for this old tenant as he hasn't lived here since 2008 also why I'm being told we have gas as she looked on the documents and we are electric and she's doubled checked with her colleagues. she told me to phone them back and tell them that they have it wrong or the old tenant owes them money for their house now but using our address.

so today I phoned the company up to let them know what the estate agents have said. they went we will stop sending letters for the old tenant but it's been forwarded to a debt collector and they have the right to come to my house and collect what is owed. I told them I don't owe them nothing so they will have to call the police to get money off of me.

I have a 3 month old and I don't want these people coming round my house and demanding money what I don't owe them. who can i phone for help as the gas/electric company isn't listening neither is the debt collectors.

listsandbudgets Mon 18-Apr-16 20:12:56

Can you try tweeting or posting on the face book page of the power company in question?

"I only have electric, why are you chasing me for a gas bill?"

That might be enough to embarrass them in to trying to sort that side of it out.

Return any post addressed to previous tenant unopened and clearly marked not known at this address. If they do send bailiffs or debt collectors round, then make sure you have some ID that you can show to prove you are not the person in question. Ive had debt collectors for previous tenants in the past and they have always reacted reasonably when I've shown them ID and explained. The difficulty is that if they want to take the case to court, then as I understand it, the company has to prove that they have done everything possible to communicate with the debtor and unfortunately for you (and me) this means using the last known address. Don't let it frighten you. Its very irritating but they are just doing their job and they know that very often honest people can get embroiled.

Hope it works out for you

listsandbudgets Mon 18-Apr-16 20:15:43

Failing all of that talk to your local MP as there the power companies usually have a team designated to deal with MP enquiries. enter your postcode here if you don't know who your MP is

PingPongBat Mon 18-Apr-16 21:36:10

I think you might need to make a formal complaint to the utility company and send a copy to the debt collection company, to show them that there is a dispute.

I would ask your local CAB to help you draft a letter. CAB also have special phone numbers for all the major utility companies, which they can use to help try and sort this sort of problem out.

Debt collectors have no right to enter your home - so if anyone turns up explain that the person named on the account no longer lives there, and send them away - just close the door once you've explained who you are. You might need to show them something that proves you are the only tenant now (e.g. your council tax bill) to them to convince them to go away, but don't let them in and try not to let them intimidate you. Good luck.

Ahappynewmummy Tue 19-Apr-16 08:21:17

thank you for your replies. I'm going to our estate agents to try and sort it out with them today but I'm more than likely going to send a letter of complaint and also phone them and speak to the manager

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