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Tax credits payment..

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DownstairsMixUp Mon 18-Apr-16 11:55:36

Hello all,

Before anyone says I have tried phoning and been cut off THREE times now! Then I was on hold for 20 minutes to get cut off so just wondered if anyone else could help.

We usually get out payment on friday (married and get some working tax credits and child tax credits) but there was a payment today for a little bit less than our usual amount. Has anyone managed to get through today thats been in the same situation? I don't know whether our payment day has changed or this is just one of them random tax credit payments but i have put it aside by now incase it was an error.


youknowwhattodo Mon 18-Apr-16 13:42:42

I have just come on here to ask same question. I get mine every 4 weeks and on a thursday but i have had a payment today, which is a 1 week payment but not due my normal payment until next Thursday.
Im just hoping it is extra because the end of financial year smile

DownstairsMixUp Mon 18-Apr-16 14:10:39

Hi i finally got hold of them (took over four hours!!) and they have said it is just an extra payment end of tax year and will be back to normal friday

youknowwhattodo Mon 18-Apr-16 17:45:53

Thanks op, thats a nice surprise smile

Zzzexhaustedzzz Wed 20-Apr-16 07:29:53

Hi, I'm not so sure- I have been given the extra payment twice now ( I'm paid weekly) and then they reduce payments after to make up for it..?!?!!

DownstairsMixUp Wed 20-Apr-16 11:30:26

Mine is the same still, just logged in and the next payment due is the usual one on a Friday. How odd. Wonder if I was underpaid last year?

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