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CSA Help! Fathers info

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melissa202 Sun 17-Apr-16 19:29:01

Hello please i need some advice regarding claiming CSA. I met a guy on the internet last year i am 37 and he is 22. We were in a brief relationship and knew each other for about 3 weeks and unfortunately i fell pregnant by accident. The father didnt want to know when i told him i was pregnant and i have never heard from him since.

I now have a 2 month olds and strragling financially. I want to know if the CSA will take on my case with the information i have please.

I only have his first name no last name and phone number at the time but the phone number doesnt work again so i think he has changed it also have his photo.

I have his address at the time

I dont know his d.o.b or NI number

So can i apply for CSA with first name phone number and address pls

Oswin Sun 17-Apr-16 20:01:00

Yes you can. You could do a search on the Internet for his address to see who live there for his last name to make it easier and faster.

Almondbutterfly Thu 21-Apr-16 10:15:12

Is there anyway you can contact him through social media?? assuming you met him on a dating site, try him on that. When you go to CSA they will ask you if you have tried to make a family arrangement. First try to find him and tell him the situation. Say you're not trying to make him be involved if he doesn't want to be but you really need some financial help and he is legally obliged to provide that. The chances are he will protest and give you nothing but there's a chance he could supprise you and enter in to an agreement. Also if you had his address is there any way you could visit or send a letter?

If you can't find him or he refuses then start your claim. When I phoned up regarding my son I had his dad's name, sisters address and his car reg plate and they found him. Give him as much as you know including any names he might go by, car reg if you have it and even employers details (which is really useful if you know his name and where he worked as the employer is obliged to provide CSA with his national insurance number) if he didn't work however, there is little use pursuing a claim as you won't get more than a few pounds a week.

It's likely that if they do find him he will request a dna test considering you two were not serious and he will most likely want to avoid paying. If he does this it will delay the claim until the results are back and you will be expected to comply and take one else the claim will be dropped. He will have to pay for this test.

They will then calculate his payments. When an amount has been decided you and him will be left to set up your own arrangement. If he breaks the agreement and doesn't pay you the csa we collect directly from his wages and pay you which adds a fee for him.

Good luck and remember to just give them as much information as you can even things that don't seem relevant (for example reg plate, previous school etc) meanwhile make sure you're claiming everything you can in benefits (if you're not working)

One thing to note is don't expect a lot. CSA are really tight and unless he's on a lot of money you won't see a lot. An average wage will probably give you £20 a week.

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