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Tax credits advice re claiming

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TwoToTango Thu 14-Apr-16 18:24:56


I have a couple of questions about claiming Tax Credits - could anyone explain please -

Can I make a claim even though I haven't recieved my P60 yet?

Up until September last year both me and my partner were employed. He was made redudant and from then until now he has worked when he can find work but not every week. He hasn't signed on as he would have to keep signing on and off every time he got work.

I am worried if I make a claim and he gets regular work that I will end up paying the money back as the amount paid is based on last year's income isn't it? I have no way of knowing how much work he will get this year, although ideally he will get full time work and we won''t need to claim or can end the claim.

Thank you

TwoToTango Thu 14-Apr-16 19:34:47


AveEldon Thu 14-Apr-16 19:44:25

It's best to claim asap as they will only backdate it for 3 mths

AveEldon Thu 14-Apr-16 19:45:26

You just phone and tell them your circumstances and your estimated income for the year
You don't need your P60
If he gets full time work then you call them again and tell them of the change

TwoToTango Thu 14-Apr-16 19:59:54

Thanks AveEldon - do they base what they would pay us on last years income? and do I have to estimate this years income? If he gets full time work does the claim just end?

AveEldon Thu 14-Apr-16 20:57:22
Here are the tables - you need to choose the one that is closest to your circumstances
They take details of last year's income and you have to tell them why this year's income will be less eg change of employment
Full time work won't end your claim - it depends on how much he is earning

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