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If you have 3 children what are you outgoings?

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sparkle789 Wed 13-Apr-16 21:18:01

Currently debating a third child.
If you have 3 how much has it increased your bills by?
We currently spend
£300 on food
£140 a month for day to day bits
Approx £70 on clubs

I think we can afford a third but obviously don't know how much things like this would increase by.

Babyroobs Wed 13-Apr-16 21:31:41

An extra child doesn't cost much extra when they are small but obviously you need to think longer term. Once they hit the teenage years things really start to get expensive - school uniform, fees for activities, going out with friends, eating lots more ( particulalry teenage boys), taking adult sized clothes and shoes etc. A third child also impacts on things like the size of car you might need, childcare costs, maybe house size depending whether they can share rooms. We have 4 and it is very expensive !!

Sootica Wed 13-Apr-16 21:36:20

For us third child meant the extra set of childcare fees before starting school £££
Upsizing to bigger car and house
Little things like a day out I have to buy three ice creams instead of two all sodding adds up
A family of five holiday is tough, hotel rooms won't let you have more than four in once the youngest is out of a cot and often not even then
Nappies and milk seem v significant with all the other costs
Of course at the same time as having no 3 the eldest two were at the age where they were doing more clubs and activities so things have just gone up and up
I have kept most of the clothes but a lot was wrong season and virtually no shoes got passed down due to wrong season one child wide feet next child v narrow etc
I'd given away lots of baby stuff or it was wrecked after two kids and all needed revuying

sparkle789 Wed 13-Apr-16 21:42:20

That's my worry, I know we can afford it now, but we would need to move and then as they get older the costs are a bit scary! Although as they get more expensive we will have cleared a couple of loans so have more money. I suppose you make it work with what you have?

stillnotjustamummy Wed 13-Apr-16 21:51:15

In the early days it's just the nappies, but my weekly grocery bill is around £125 for 5 of us. We had to get a new car as three seats on the back is hard to fit, holidays are a nightmare as a thing outside of 2&2 is considered odd. Agree with the PP that you can't reuse as much as you think, clothes are either wrong season, or child is different proportion! The extra time out on my career is probably the biggest cost. By the time I go back I will have had 5 full years at least, out from regular employment. I chatted with various recruitment agencies and they all felt that my experiences just weren't relevant as technology had moved on. To get back, I will have to take a lower position and work back up.
I fear university fees will be beyond us when they want to go, so they will be saddled with debts from the get-go. I feel guilty about that.

Sootica Wed 13-Apr-16 22:42:58

Oh yes four more years out of my career I was just getting back on track with youngest about to start school then I had no 3. I have worked part time for well over a decade and I am v career minded! I would not want to work full time hours while kids at primary is just too much juggling and they miss out on activities so I do condensed hours and it's a struggle. Don't want to think about the £££ of the career impact

DelphiniumBlue Wed 13-Apr-16 23:09:03

I have 3, all grown now. I still reckon £25 per week , per person for food/toiletries etc.
Clubs become expensive - we limited it to cubs/scouts which is fairly cheap, plus one other, per child per week. So that ruled out a sport plus music lessons. Clothes/toys not really a problem due to hand-me-downs and boot sales, but Christmas is noticeably more expensive with 3. Also eating out, takeaways, cinema ( extortionate) - all very limited. Had to get a bigger car, and holidays were almost prohibitively expensive - it meant we always have to get at least 2 rooms. Flights for teenagers are adult prices, so 5 full fares during school holidays= rare holidays abroad.
And yes,what Sootica said - more time out of a career. I don't know any Mums of 3 who were able to work full-time - but if you do, then increased childcare costs too. Think around £25 per child per day in the school holidays, and often more - daily tennis camp 9-4 was more like £50 per child per day.
Oh, forgot, we had to get a loft extension too.
Logistics become more complicated, but that became much easier once DS1 was about 14 or 15 and could babysit.
However, although it's cost me £££, I wouldn't change it - have had so much pleasure from DS3, and still enjoy how well they all get on together.

sparkle789 Thu 14-Apr-16 13:49:14

Thanks for the replies.

Career wise it's not a problem I had dd1 at 19 and never got started on a career, I work part time and don't mine doing so for a few more years.

Days out cost worries me and also finding something that will suit the 3 ages.

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