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Nightmare Deferring SLC Student Loan

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SSS555 Sun 10-Apr-16 10:13:09

I've been able to defer repaying my student loan from the 1990s as I earn way below the cut-off point for repayment, largely due to chronic illness. However, this year, although I submitted my income evidence straight away, I was asked to submit more evidence as SLC claimed they could not establish my income (even though it was very clearly stated in the documents, as in previous years).

I then sent off more financial information straight away which confirmed my income. Nearly a month later no one at SLC is able to confirm whether the information has been received or not. I have sent in the evidence again, as well as emailing them and calling them. They never call me back as promised and it certainly seems as though they are just ignoring my income evidence so that they can start taking repayments.

When I got through to SLC on the phone I explained my situation and how little I earned so the guy said he would stop the first payment - that will put me in arrears but then I have 3 months to prove my income. At the time I thought this was a good idea as I can't afford to start making repayments on my income but further research has shown this could spoil my credit rating.

Does anyone know if it will be possible for me to reinstate this direct debit agreement by phone so that if SLC don't confirm the deferment in time they will take the first payment? Having researched online, I'd actually rather now pay the first repayment and try to claim it back after proving my income as if I go into arrears I can imagine that SLC will try and ruin my credit record.

The bottom line is though SLC have had plenty of time to establish my income and as it is way below the cut-off point they should issue a confirmation of deferment letter.

My first payment to them is due in a week and I'm at my wits end worrying what will happen when this date arrives.

I've just sent off all the information yet again to their Complaints Department - it might seem a bit early to open a Complaint Case but I thought it might at last make them sit up and notice all the documentary evidence I've sent them.

As far as I know my loans aren't connected to Erudio loans which I've just been reading about. As far as I am aware, my loan was originally with SLC and then it was taken on by Honours Loans. That said, it certainly appears as though it is SLC who have to tell Honours Loans whether or not to defer the loan.

I'd greatly welcome any advice on this, given my illness I have plenty of time to this sort this out but SLC have ignored all the evidence I've sent them in the last month. Calling them seems a complete waste of time as even when they answer they just say their screen will either show a yes to deferment or nothing - it's not possible for them to look into the case for an update or to check out if any documents have been received.

It certainly seems as though they are trying to wear down the lowly paid into paying back their loan even when they very clearly aren't obliged to unless they earn £2400+ a month. I certainly hope I won't have to go through this hassle every year.

Much appreciate any help/experience of dealing with this.

Spandexpants007 Sun 10-Apr-16 10:22:51

I've just deferred and it took 4 weeks in total. They are slow at processing.

Personally I wouldn't try and pay. You are obviously entitled to defer and everything is mid processing. It will take a while to show on their system.

Ring the day before first payment is due to see if they are up to date

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