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Scottish Widows have taken direct debit even though I cancelled most policies beginning of last month

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skintandangry Sat 09-Apr-16 21:20:18

Name changed
I'm totally skint at the moment so the beginning of last month I cancelled most of my life insurances with Scottish Widows but kept one. Because they had just taken my direct debit and I was told they won't refund it I asked them to not cancel the policy until the end of March (just in case).
I received a letter dated the 31st March stating the policies had been cancelled on 31st March and any premiums owed will be returned within 5 working days of the 7th April.
I have just checked my bank account and they took the full amount out on 1st April, I realise I will probably get this money back but surely they should not have taken the full amount when they had almost a month notice of me cancelling.
Luckily I'm not overdrawn but may be by the time they pay me back.
I'm not sure why I'm posting this but just want a rant as this has really upset me and their offices aren't open until Monday so I can't rant at them.

biscuitkumquat Sat 09-Apr-16 21:26:03

OP, unfortunately everything is automated now. So they won't have processed the cancellation until the date you requested, ie the 31st of March, and Direct Debits are "in the system" 5 days before they're actually requested from the bank, so they wouldn't have been able to stop the request.

They should have advised you to cancel the Direct Debit yourself.

You might find it's quicker to recall the payment with the bank rather than wait for a refund from them.

skintandangry Sat 09-Apr-16 21:38:43

Because I kept one policy I just thought they would make the changes, which is why I didn't cancel the direct debit.
The person I spoke to on the phone did not explain this.
I'm just upset as money is really tight and I have cancelled all sorts of things and I feel like it is a kick in the face.
I've just reread the letter and it states premiums owed will be returned so I'm not sure whether this will include my direct debit. I know I will get it back at some point but I need it now, not next week and definitely not the end of the month.

skintandangry Sat 09-Apr-16 21:41:52

I don't want to ask the bank to recall it as I do owe something. (I didn't know that I could do that so I will keep that in mind) smile

GreaseIsNotTheWord Sat 16-Apr-16 20:05:34

Just phone the bank and do a DD indemnity claim and you'll have the money back the next day.

Then call the company, tell them what you've done and repay any owed balance on your debit card.

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