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MLM Bot Watch 18- chat about Utah based tragicomic cultastic racketeering scamalangadingdongs like Forever Living, Ariix, Herbalife, Younique, Juiceplus etc etc etc

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chuckingstones Fri 08-Apr-16 20:44:16

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FelicityLemon Fri 08-Apr-16 20:48:58

Here's a very long list of MLMs

The site has taken its descriptions from the companies' own materials so not a critical look just a basic description. I expect some of these will be over here in no time.

throwingpebbles Fri 08-Apr-16 21:09:51

Jumping on to thread 18 shock

Twunk Fri 08-Apr-16 21:11:12

Je suis ici!
<settles into new thread>

gottaloveascamhun Fri 08-Apr-16 21:22:57


Twunk Fri 08-Apr-16 21:26:58

I'm thinking of a name change



bearbehind Fri 08-Apr-16 21:27:50

I'm completely shock tonight.

It seems tonight's entertainment is 'guess the size of my cheque' in SA

Seriously- how fucking crass is that.

Twunk Fri 08-Apr-16 21:31:29

I would LOVE a giant cheque - I don't care for how much - I just want the cheque to stand behind, grinning inanely

bearbehind Fri 08-Apr-16 21:33:41

It's hideous- it's all like 'I bet it's $300k, you soooo deserve it hun'

GeezeLouiseBelcher Fri 08-Apr-16 21:34:09

Here we are

Toobusytowee Fri 08-Apr-16 21:39:12

gottalove I've just looked at those figures for Amway. The earnings are taken from the whole year. The number of bots is the number recorded on one day. If you consider 90% of bots leave within a year and these will have been replaced and replaced and replaced, the earnings are not much at all.

Say 100 bots join in Jan, 10 of them will be left in Dec.
In Feb 100 bots join and slowly leave until there are 17.5 feb bots left in Dec.
In March 100 people join and in Dec there are 25 of them left etc etc.

I did the sums all the way up to Dec, assuming 100 people joined each month and left at a rate of 90% over 12 months.

In Dec 1200 people will have joined over the year and there will be 615 of them left. This is the churn rate that Eyes talked about.

The income disclosures tell you that there are 615 people and the average earnings were $100 a month (taking total earnings and dividing that by current numbers).

But that is discounting the people that left and took some earnings. If all those people were taken into account the monthly figures would be more like $50 a month per person.

It would also be useful to know how much the bots would have had to spend to earn that much. Do they have to pay any charges, P&P, training, travel, blah blah blah....

People LOSE MONEY in MLMs. You can see through the income disclosures quite easily if you know what questions to ask.

Sorry if I've bored anyone to sleep there.

gottaloveascamhun Fri 08-Apr-16 21:50:58

Not boring at all toobusy. I feel very silly now but had assumed Amway had been shut down after everything Eyes told us (haven't finished reading Merchants of Deception yet). So depressing and worrying that people are still being sucked in. Also found out my parents were prospected by an Amway couple with a flip chart when I was little in the 80s , thank God they didn't sign up!!

lastuseraccount123 Fri 08-Apr-16 21:53:34

not boring Too busy, glad someone around here can do maths.

just peeing on the new thread so i can find my way back again. psssss

Also - re: chucking re: those annoying crying laughing emojis about Jamberry on TV FB page, yes, yes, so much yes. do they think by putting a million of those in their replies they'll make everyone cry laugh? Cos it has the opposite effect on me. I roll my eyes a LOT.

Toobusytowee Fri 08-Apr-16 21:55:54

I initially thought Amway had been shut down too! I think it was the talk of the UK courts sanctioning them and the company being talked about in the past tense. I found mention of Amway when googling something else and I was surprised.

throwingpebbles Fri 08-Apr-16 22:02:31

Not boring at all toobusy it is the essence of these scams to mask that fact in all their trumpeted figures

cozietoesie Fri 08-Apr-16 22:04:19


Motorheadmum Fri 08-Apr-16 22:18:22

Checking in!

LMGTFY Fri 08-Apr-16 22:23:08

Uh, my lovely friend is turning into a proper bot-by-numbers. Following the system of nice family posts and inspirational nonsense and then BAM! Buy some shite! Also suddenly getting into Instagram and twitter with it when she hasn't bothered before. I'm hoping the fact that she has this fb page with a couple of months of posts and not one out has a like might actually register with her but it's like she's been abducted by aliens. She's really such a fab person and normally so financially savvy so I can't work out what has possessed her. The one who sucked her in meanwhile is all success stories, networking and "how I can coach you". Really gets my back up. Which reminds me, what can I do to stop her putting posters up in the doctor's waiting room (with permission )?

cozietoesie Fri 08-Apr-16 22:38:45

Which part of the practice gave permission do you know? (Sometimes admin/reception staff take responsibility for that area on a day to day basis.)

I guess she's not your friend any more?

chanice Fri 08-Apr-16 22:46:43

This is an episode of King of Queens, where Doug gets sucked into a MLM scam.
Quite funny.

Tryingthisonefornow Fri 08-Apr-16 23:03:35

I've followed these threads for a while and now need some help!

An old work friend has contacted me 3 times in the last 6 months trying to recruit, I have skwats politely declined.

I have now had a 4th message asking me to try (buy) the trial pack. She just wants feedback and after I will continue to get discounted rate lucky me

So I'm done with polite and want to say exactly why I'm not buying her products -pile of shit- but want to make a point not just be written off as bitter! I'm thinking of coming from a standpoint of they ultimate benefactors being homophobic assholes who I cannot consciously give my money to. Any advice on how I word this?

I'd love to make friend see the light, both her and her dh been taken in by this, but we're not close and I really don't think I could talk her down unfortunately

cozietoesie Fri 08-Apr-16 23:08:57

So she writes you off as 'bitter'? (And that implies that she actually cares about you either way any more.)

I'd just refuse, personally. How is she contacting you?

BSintolerant Fri 08-Apr-16 23:13:35

The anti-TV Facebook page is hilarious - there's nothing like an own goal! grin

Tryingthisonefornow Fri 08-Apr-16 23:15:04

Oh no Sorry, she has been nothing but the polite saleswoman on Facebook! I am more thinking a few steps ahead if you see what I mean! So I would like to provide a considered and reasonable response that can't be twisted to appear jealous or woman hating which does seem to be the norm.

DollyTwat Fri 08-Apr-16 23:33:00

Ricky jervais's new film is about him selling toiletries etc. So I wonder if David Brent went into FL
Would be brilliant if he's done this

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