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DH applying for financial disassociation

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Danglyweed Fri 08-Apr-16 09:02:14

DH has just told me he's applying for financial disassociation from me.

Background- he was a gambler, ran up thousands of pounds of debt including 5k overdraft on our joint account. I had never had so much as a credit card before so of course I was fucking raging when I found out. Of course the debt repayments became much more than was coming in so he defaulted on them all.

I think whats pushed him to this is because I broke my front tooth when in labour, the temp I wear is obviously really horrible and he knows exactly how it makes me feel. I would have liked an implant to replace it but of course thats a no go now.

Anyways, am I right that he cant do this? Seems like a twattish back pedalling thing to do now, after he fucked up and got me into debt!! Disassociating won't make the blindest bit of difference now!!

noisytoys Fri 08-Apr-16 10:17:28

Is it your debt or joint debt? If it is joint debt then he can't just walk away. The only way to disassociate would to divorce and do a financial consent order where the judge rubber stamps a financial agreement. He can't just say that he doesn't fancy paying the joint debts so he won't.

Danglyweed Fri 08-Apr-16 11:33:18

Sorry don't think my post was clear, its joint debt in as much as it was a joint bank account that he ran the debts up on. I didn't personally really spend any money from that account. He's not trying to get out of paying or to make me wholly liable, he infact doesn't want me to be liable at all as it was his fault. But he doesn't seem to understand that its too late for that.

AnchorDownDeepBreath Fri 08-Apr-16 11:45:51

If you've got any joint credit at the moment - loans, overdrafts, a mortgage, car finance, etc - you can't disassociate.

You can once you've got no joint credit, by filling in the financial disassociation forms of all the credit reference agencies. In the case of splits, if one of you has moved out, you can apply for a financial disassociation if you've still got a mortgage together, but you have to prove that you're living apart/have no other financial links/etc.

If he can pay back the credit, you could get rid of all your joint credit and then disassociate, but if he's already defaulted, the damage will have been done - although you could do it in the future, if you think there's a risk that he'll damage your credit again. It would mean that any mortgages etc would need to be in one name only, though, I believe.

If the tooth broke in labour, is it not covered under your maternity exemption? Although I don't know if you'd get an implant on the NHS anyway.

Danglyweed Fri 08-Apr-16 14:46:45

No current joint finances, just the defaulted closed bank account. I've tried explaining that it's too little too late but he won't listen.

The nhs do do implants, but only for such cases as accidents or children that dont have adult teeth etc. Although it was an accident, it was my own damn fault.

simplydivine05 Sun 10-Apr-16 10:35:34

Is he wanting to do it so you can get credit in order to sort your tooth? If so it is too late. The defaults will stay on your credit file for six years whether he disassociates or not.

aliceinwanderland Sun 10-Apr-16 18:51:13

I think he is doing the right thing to apply for financiAl dissociation. Although I am not clear what happened to the joint overdraft?

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