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What can I claim to help me move out?

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canwemum Thu 07-Apr-16 14:42:07


First time post and I'm getting pretty desperate tbh.

I have MS and a long history of MH issues (abusive ex/attacked by family member triggering depression and anxiety).

I currently get ESA and DLA higher rate for both care and mobility.

I'm living with my sister and her family - have done since I left me ex. My sister and niece help me with my day-to-day needs. My daughter lives abroad and I don't want to ask her for help as she still thinks sun shines out of ex's you know what.

The problem is, I just can't take any more abuse of any form and although I'm not being abused in the traditional sense, the undercurrent here is pretty tense.

Basically, my BIL has had enough of me living here and wants me out. He NEVER shows it in front of anyone else, but when it's just me (not often, admittedly), he's pretty unpleasant and I just want to leave.

I've been looking at rental houses and the perfect one has just come up directly opposite my sister. I've not said anything to her, but have told my niece (BIL is her stepfather). My niece thinks I should go for it. She lives in the same street with her boyfriend and says that she can still share care with my sis (if sis is willing - overprotective and was dead against me moving out a few years ago).

What are the financial things I need to sort. The rent is £450pcm. Will I be able to claim HB? I know you could years ago, but no idea if you can these days. What about council tax and water rates?

I've told the estate agent I'm very interested and have enough for the deposit, but not much left after that.

Is this move doable or am I living in la-la land?


annielostit Thu 07-Apr-16 17:33:46

Try here this might help irt HB etc.

AnchorDownDeepBreath Thu 07-Apr-16 17:36:27

You'll get housing benefit up to the amount you need in your area (if you're over 25 and have no children, I think it'll be the one bedroom rate) and council tax.

Water would come out of your ESA & PIP though, as would other utilities.

Entitled to should show you totals that you can use. It should be possible if you've got a deposit!

canwemum Thu 07-Apr-16 23:52:52

Thank you so much, both.

Another episode tonight while I was alone with him. I have to get out of here soon. It's making me really ill.

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