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Could you possibly recommend good podcasts or videos to become more money-savvy?

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TheNIghtManagersWife Sun 03-Apr-16 14:40:43


I am recently out of a very financially abusive marriage and am finally free to take control of my finances again.

The problem is I am not very money savvy at all, I don't really know even the basics about how to save and invest for our future.

I don't have much money to play with - the odd £500 here and there, as exH still holds all of the assets (I'm going through the courts to access this).

In early 40s, I have 3 children under 8 who all live with me, with zero savings each. I have no pension, but am not able to save for one just yet as the divorce goes through. I also don't own a house at present as H is occupying it until I force a sale.

I have set up a junior ISA for one of my DC using the Hargreaves and Lansdowne website, this was quite a big achievement and I am proud. But barely know what I am doing with this. In addition I am self-employed and I have an accountant who deals with the finance side of this for me.

I used to be financially ok (never particularly great or particularly bad) before marriage, but my confidence has been knocked completely, so I need to start again.

For now, I just want to gain some money confidence. I zone out when I read money advice, I think I am better with either videos or podcasts so I can hear/see the advice rather than read it online. I'm going to get myself a lovely new notebook from Poundland and properly take notes and everything.

Does anyone have any sites they could recommend? Ideally I need to know about the basics of saving for me and my DC, and also pension options for the future.

I've started listening to the R4 Money Matters podcasts and find them really interesting, which is a good start! Any others that are not too detailed/difficult to understand, that might give me a good basic foundation in money management?

Many thanks in advance smile

Silvertap Sun 03-Apr-16 19:43:09

Martin Lewis does a lunch money Martin on radio 5 that's a good podcast. His site is amazing too

Radio 4 do a money box program which is good too. It does a podcast.

Well done you and good luck x

nannynick Sun 03-Apr-16 20:18:43

Whilst not money advice, You and Yours (BBC R4) is a consumer issues programme and it often have things which are money related. They have a podcast but many (510 at the moment) episodes are available online via iplayer (you could use the iplayer radio app and download for offline listening).

MoneyBox and MoneyBox Live are also good.

TheNIghtManagersWife Mon 04-Apr-16 11:54:24

Thank you so much! I had a listen to Martin Lewis podcast and it's great - exactly what I was after!

I can only see 3 podcasts available on BBC radio app, so I will listen to these and see if I can track down some more.

The new and improved me has tracked down my daughter's Child Trust Fund (which I was not allowed to contribute to), and have transferred to my new address and will start adding money to smile Next step is to switch to a junior ISA as I read that CTF interest rates are much lower than JISA rates?

Financial freedom is starting to feel good already smile

unhingeddoor Wed 06-Apr-16 20:42:31

I'd really recommend Dave Ramsey. He's American (and an evangelical Christian) but I find his attitude towards money really interesting. Good luck!

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