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Anyone know if Lloyds Bank will let us dip back into the amount we have repaid?

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PennyHasNoSurname Wed 23-Mar-16 22:17:29

We had a loan of about 8k four years ago and we are 10 months away from paying it off.

We now need to find £600 for a non negotiable item.

No-one available at this time to talk to at Lloyds so Im not sure where we would stand but we wondered if they would allow us to extend the amount we owe by £600 and just carry on the repayments?

Chorltonswheelies422 Wed 23-Mar-16 22:23:14

You should have a fair idea because they usually bombard you with letters/emails asking if you're sure you borrowed enough and would you like some more? If you haven't received anything like this from them, I would start exploring other options. I recommend going over to money saving expert and posting a thread on there. Do you have credit card and/or overdraft you could use? Is there a way to buy the item in instalments? Do you have any family who could loan it to you?

dementedpixie Wed 23-Mar-16 22:25:20

I don't think it works like that. You would maybe have to do a new loan for the amount you require and maybe consolidate what you still owe from the original loan onto the new loan too.

PennyHasNoSurname Thu 24-Mar-16 06:08:36

Ahhh I wondered if we would have to take a separate loan. We need to check the credit card details as we have one that is interest free for 20 months but not sure if what we are purchasing (our half of dhs sisters headstone) counts as a purchase or a service.

Daffodil90 Thu 24-Mar-16 13:36:29

We've done this with Halifax (part of Lloyds group) where we needed a bit extra so took out a new loan that includes the balance of the old one. They won't extend an old one but will probably let you start again.
If you've never missed a payment they will probably be fine as it is making them more money in interest overall.

Sorry for your loss flowers

PennyHasNoSurname Thu 24-Mar-16 19:14:37

Oh my word - we have had a tax rebate! Aaaaannnnnndddddd another relative is now also chipping in so the amount we owe is down to 400 - precisely £5 more than our rebate.


Finally a nice thing happens to our little family.

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