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Settling Finances

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chuckingstones Sun 20-Mar-16 21:53:08

I posted this over on the Dadsnet part of the forum, but got no responses - I'm hoping I might have better luck here!

Quick background, we split a while ago, have two school age children and are settling after a bout of mediation. However the issue is I'm settling for about 25% of the equity (I understand that a normal percentage would be around 40%?), which I don't have a huge issue with (I obviously would like a fairer share) however my ex is trying to add all sorts of other stipulations like paying for half of school trips and things like out of school club trips too.

I want to ensure we have a complete clean break with nothing hanging over us, am I being unreasonable to say no to all these extra bits given that I'm taking a much smaller slice of the equity? Originally there was going to be a charge on the property but she decided she wanted a clean break therefore would buy me out of the house.

I was wondering what sort of agreements other parents had come to. I'm always fair about everything else - I pay the maintenance as per the CMS calculations, I buy bits and pieces for the kids (I only have them overnight every other weekend but I'm also thinking of asking for an overnight during the week on a Wednesday, is that fair too?).

Look forward to hearing from others!

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