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Albany Assistance & other car insurance matters

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cantthink11 Sat 19-Mar-16 17:55:40

I now regret having taken the hire vehicle from Albany assistance. I ended up only using it for 3 days (for the school run) out of the 7 days that I had the car hired.

My own insurance company were unable to provide a hire vehicle while my car was being repaired so Albany Assistance came to the "rescue".

I took out a Credit Protection - which they said would protect me should they not be able to recover the costs from the third party.

The third party have now refused to settle the claim and Albany have now referred this on to solicitors to recover the costs.

I now regret having hired the car. It has blown out into something so big. Has anyone had similar experience?

I was not at fault, and my own insurance company agrees. They are dealing with the accident claim separately, but the third party is also disputing that.

I hate having this hang over my head. Does anyone know what happens next in terms of if the third party just outright reject liability? There were no witnesses and the cameras were facing the wrong way. My insurance company is on my side.

So there is two issues 1. the albany assistance taking it to small claims -- I have been told that I won't be liable because I had the "Credit Protection"

2. The car insurance claim. My damage repair costs were £1600, and I paid the excess. The repair shop said it was a very "minor" repair!

DawnMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 23-Mar-16 20:37:18

Hi, we've had a mail from Albany Assistance today and they've asked us to post the following message in response to your post, cantthink -

Hello Cantthink11,

We have agreements in place with most insurers to settle customers claims quickly. However a small number of third party insurers will challenge cases and some will do this automatically. As you have said, you have our a credit protection policy in place and this will protect you from liability for such costs. We will work together with you and support you throughout this process to make it as hassle-free as possible, please contact us and we can arrange for somebody to discuss this with you and put your mind at rest.

Please email with your reference number.

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