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Larger than normal tax credits payment

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alltouchedout Wed 16-Mar-16 16:02:52

I got a tax credits payment today- it's the normal day, but about £40 more than normal.Why would this be? I haven't informed them of an income change/ childcare change/ any change at all come to that! I've tried to see what's going on via the online service but once I'd registered I had a message that said "you cannot use this service" (increasing my worry). And I tried calling, but got cut off after 20 minutes on hold and won't have a chance to call back for hours.

I am being concentrixed for childcare (they sent my documents back two weeks ago so I am expecting a letter from them soon...ish) but don't see why this would mean a larger payment than normal. UNLESS they have decided I worked it out all wrong and are not paying me anything else until next year now?

Argh! Has anyone else had a strange payment amount this week?

Mummyoftwo91 Wed 16-Mar-16 17:45:45

I got paid today instead of tomorrow but apparently that's due to st Patrick's day being an Irish bank holiday, I known u can get extra at this time of year due to it being the end of the financial year so could be that

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