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Advice about compensation payment and benefits please

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GretchenBeckett Wed 16-Mar-16 14:27:21

I have been award an amount of compensation for a series of rapes I was subjected to by my ex husband.
I'm currently on benefits as the anxiety/depression I've been left with mean I'm struggling to work.
I don't have the money yet but I wondered if when I do receive it my benefits will stop?
It's not that I think I shouldn't have to use the money to support myself I'm just trying to arm myself with information so I know what will happen and what I need to do as I feel a bit overwhelmed by it all atm.

anyoldname76 Wed 16-Mar-16 14:30:32

i think you will have to declare it to tax credits, hb etc but depending on the amount it may not affect them. im sorry that happened to you though and I hope you're getting the help you need

GretchenBeckett Wed 16-Mar-16 14:33:04

Thanks for replying. I will definitely declare it. I just find it all a bit daunting for some reason.

TeaBelle Wed 16-Mar-16 14:34:07

You are allowed a certain amount of money in savings before it impacts on benefits - I think the general sum is £6000 but it could differ for different benefits.

If you are due to get a larger award then you could buy something sensible with the difference eg if you got 10,000 you could spend 4000 on a car so as not to go over the limit, but the dwp and local council (for hb and ctb) may want to see receipts and justification to prove that you haven't just gone out on a bender and wasted the money

GretchenBeckett Wed 16-Mar-16 14:45:35

Thanks for that, TeaBelle. I could actually do with buying a car. It would improve my ability to work as I struggle being out in public.

GretchenBeckett Wed 16-Mar-16 14:46:59

I also thought about giving the money away to a charity that helps rape victims but thought the DWP might not approve of that.

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