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Recently seperated and advice needed re Benefits

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LakelandLassie Mon 14-Mar-16 17:10:15

H and I separated in Nov 15 with myself and 3DC moving into a rental property. Up until that point the household income meant no benefits were claimed.
I am managing (only just) on the maintenance H gives me , carers allowance for one of the DC and help from my parents.
I don't qualify for housing benefit because of the equity in the marital home. He refuses to sell/buy me out atm.
I have the forms for Child Tax Credits but its asking for financial data for 2014/15, which of course is before we separated.

Before we separated I had lots of well meaning people tell me I would be entitled to x,y and z but it just seems that it is very difficult to claim anything now.

I should add that by July I hope to be back at work but its now that I need help!
Has anyone found themselves having to apply for benefits from scratch and how did you do it??
I don't seem to be getting anywhere sad

8FencingWire Mon 14-Mar-16 22:58:56

I can't help, I don't know, but I am bumping for you, hopefully someone will come along and five you some advice.
In the meantimeflowers

cosytoaster Mon 14-Mar-16 23:21:16

I'd get more advice about Housing Benefit, the equity in your former home could be disregarded in certain circumstances, see H2114, there may also be a disregard where you are taking steps to obtain your share, presuming this will be done as part of a future settlement. Talk to someone at your local authority first and then maybe CAB

LizKeen Mon 14-Mar-16 23:54:08

Tax credit forms do base their calculations on the last financial year. However, they also take into account an estimate of your income in this financial year, and the payments are adjusted accordingly. So the drop in income would affect it.

Phone them and ask their advice. Was the household income your wages or just your husbands? That may also have a bearing.

I suspect that they will tell you to fill in the form with the accurate details, and then provide an estimate over the phone for 15/16 earnings and so on. Just clarify with them whether as the claim is now single, do you need to fill in household income for 14/15 or YOUR personal income in that period.

I know there are horror stories a plenty and it all seems impossible, but they have been really helpful any time I have had to call. Getting through is a pita though.

TheFormidableMrsC Tue 15-Mar-16 00:00:59

If you are receiving DLA for a child, you should receive extra tax credits. I had to apply for benefits from scratch when my husband left me...and cut off all financial support, sacked me illegally from our jointly owned company and stopped paying the mortgage. CAB were brilliant, I had no problems at all with claiming and it was all in place pretty quickly aside from nobody prosecuting husband for neglect and financial abuse. Get down to the CAB and get the ball won't be as painful as you fear OP flowers

LakelandLassie Tue 15-Mar-16 12:43:30

Thanks everyone for your replies.
H was the main earner but we had separate bank accounts so I don't have any documents regarding his income- that seems to be the sticking point.

I will phone the tax credit people and see how I get on. I just get a bit teary every time I have to explain my circumstances.

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