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Letter from concentrix

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Justabout1 Fri 04-Mar-16 09:56:21

I got the first letter delivered to my old address stating evidence of another person living at address.i called and spoke to a rude person who sed lines were very busy would call back that night.9pm that night he called and I informed him I had already sent a change of address when I moved.i stated I share a house with my ex partner who is father of my child.he has his room I have mine and our child has her room.i suffer severe sleep parasomnias and can be very violent and unpredictable.her father is undergoing tests for MS and has been signed of work for months now.i sent all info they wanted with hospital letters etc,I can't leave this house as I won't get housed again.and he refuses to move out.we have no joint bank accounts.i work 16 hours a week.i don't claim housing benefit or council tax benefit.i pay the rent which is 80 a week gas and electric at 20 a week and the tv licence,and what is left I use for food and clothes for my child.he is responsible for paying council tax sky bill and all bills for his car.he does not claim any working tax credits.i received a letter yest stating they have financial evidence of us living as husband and wife and my tax credits will stop,they also spelt his surname completely wrong which makes me think they have no evidence at all or read my letter they just listened to the phone call .i am not going to be able to cover the rent.when I spoke to citizens advice they said it was down to concetrix to prove we are not a couple.i can get an extra couple of shifts at work but no where near enough to cover what I'm going to lose.i don't use any childcare at the moment and with school holidays coming up i don't have anyone who can care for her whilst I work.i don't know if I would get help with childcare costs.we are still friends and to our daughter we are her mum and dad and she isn't getting pulled from one to the other.i just don't know what to do.i was told that I was correct in putting in a single claim as we are not a couple.Any advice please as I'm worried sick

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