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Cuddles86 Thu 03-Mar-16 18:56:49

Can anyone give me any advice i am a single mam of 3 children i live in a three bedroom house but my mam also lives with me as she isnt well, the tennancy is in my name but ahe is on my housing benefit claim. My mam is due some inherience around £ 25,000 am just woundering how this would affect my housing benefit and income support as it is not me inheriting the money but as stated my mam lives with me

Any advice please


holeinmyheart Thu 03-Mar-16 19:26:10

It is no ones business what your Mum gets. I can't see any reason why you should tell anyone.
How is anyone from the tax office going to know or find out? They are desperately short of staff and the money isn't yours anyway,
It's not a great deal of money anyway and it will have been taxed several times before your Mum received it.
Don't worry about it.
The big fish, like Amazon are getting away with paying very little tax.

I hope you and your Mum and children have some well earned treats and pleasure from the money,

Cuddles86 Thu 03-Mar-16 19:50:10

Thank you 😁 Am just worried with her being on my housing claim thats all xx

19lottie82 Thu 03-Mar-16 22:02:26

Holeinmyheart...... You're right, it's not up to the OP to report her mothers windfall, it's up to her mother. If her Mother is making any benefit claims herself, she will need to inform the DWP of her inheritance as it may affect her benefits.

Keeping quiet could lead to benefit fraud.

Advising her Mother to keep quiet is bad advice!

Some benefits are affected by savings, others aren't.

OP if your housing payment is reduced then your Mother will be able to make up the difference from her own personal money.

Cuddles86 Thu 03-Mar-16 22:24:40

Thank you my mam currently claims benefit but is imforming them off the changes i just dodnt know how it would effect me in any way as the money is not mine its my mams xx

holeinmyheart Fri 04-Mar-16 01:13:44

Well the issue is OP that the money 19lottie it is not yours. You don't have to inform the tax office about someone else's good fortune.
Well being on benefits is no fun,despite what it says about claimants. I feel aggrieved that extremely rich and priveledged corporations, bankers etc get away with defrauding the country and yet this nice OP is worrying about a few thousand.
Just to clarify, I am not on benefits and I am very priveledged and I pay a hefty amount of tax. My money has been taxed when I earned it, taxed when I saved it and when I die it will be taxed again.

I am not at all sure what I pay to the government is being spent wisely on projects that will benefit us all. Of course I was possibly advocating committing fraud ( I don't know if you are allowed any savings as a benefit claimant) but I don't care.
Anyway this lovely honest OP is going to tell all. If only the rest of the Rich and powerful would do the same. Our MPs were really honest over their expenses claims, not! The Bankers, not! They made my blood boil.

holeinmyheart Fri 04-Mar-16 01:17:01

I don't know how 19lottie got in there in that position, and when I posted it too soon, I didn't know how to re edit it. 19lottie was supposed to come after the word fun. It's late.

19lottie82 Fri 04-Mar-16 07:29:18

Hi OP as advised if your claim is reduced then you should ask your Mam to make up the difference from her savings.

I'm not an expert but I think some benefits are not paid if you have over 16k in savings. And again not an expert so not sure how this will have a knock on effect on to your claim, so best to just make sure everything is sorted out.

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