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Possible redundancy

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Sounbelievablydull Wed 02-Mar-16 22:33:36

Just wondered if anyone had any advice experience with this. I work in the nhs in a quite senior clinical role. I work part time and do not want to ever be full time as I have some outside commitments.
The trust is planning to cut the amount of staff at my pay grade and are going to get people to apply for 2 posts which will remain at the same grade, all the unsuccessful people will beredeployed in posts one grade below the current grade.
My query is all the roles are full time so I cannot really apply for the senior roles unless I change to full time. Does this mean they can just place me in a part time lower band somewhere else or are they discriminating against me as I am part time?
I really love my job and I feel quite upset about this process so want to be forearmed about where I stand
Only found this out today so haven't spoken to my Union yet

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