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Tax Credits Overpayment help please?

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falko89 Wed 02-Mar-16 20:32:58

Need some advice here as seem to be getting no where. In June 2014 my partner got a new job, when he got his P60 at the end of that tax year we sent it in to tax credits, when the notice came we noticed it wasn't right, the amount predicted was to low mean tax credits were to high so I phoned up and told them this and gave them an estimate, they didn't change the tax credit amount saying about a £5k disregard, I said thats fine as long as we are not over paid and was assured we wouldn't be.

Well fast forward to Feb 2016 and in comes a letter, in 2014 when my partner started that job it turns out the new employer did not include the wages from the previous 2 months of that tax year from his previous employer meaning the P60 was wrong. The letter asked if I agreed with this it said I did. Now I told them at the time the amount was wrong but they did damn all so they stopped our tax credits until April and we have been overpaid by £1400, £180 per week down to nothing.

And now it gets even stranger, I took it to CAB who will do nothing until I get a letter stating all the above and amounts involved, I phoned Tax Credits this past 2 weeks looking this letter who told me it was in the post, after a long discussion tonight with them it turns out the letter doesn't exist, the only letter ever sent was the letter about the P60 being incorrect, whats more the advisor can not tell me anything, he can see I have been overpaid yes but no other details exist, no payment schedule no nothing. In fairness he was rather baffled by it all and did not know what to advise. I am thinking someone has spotted the cock up and is back tracking to cover their ass.

What do we do here?

holly989blue Thu 03-Mar-16 12:50:35

Whatever you do, stick to your guns and remember you've done nothing wrong. HMRC are a shambles. I too was overpaid through no fault of my own and was asked to pay back £3,000! Luckily, I'd kept all correspondence I'd ever had from them and so put a letter together to complain/protest. It took over 2 years of letters and phone calls but the case was sent to the adjudicator in the end and the overpayment was at last written off. I even received £300 in compensation!

DownstairsMixUp Thu 03-Mar-16 12:57:33

Keep hassling. Find your local mp and every letter you send them forward the same copy to your mp. I can't believe they just stop now. What happened to reducing payments to pay back? Are we just leaving people broke now ffs!

falko89 Thu 03-Mar-16 17:04:40

Would you believe they told me off for phoning so much? None of them will take responsibility and just pass the buck, horrible people. CAB have told me to call in tomorrow as they believe I now have a case against them, they are going to take over for me so just have to sign some forms giving them authorisation to do so so hopefully something happens.

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