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Anyone earn extra cash by working from home in the evenings? What do you do? Keep it clean😃

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Cleo81 Mon 29-Feb-16 16:32:25

I currently work two days a week and my dh full time and we are able to sAve a decent amount each month. But there is lots we need to do around the house and it will take years to sAve up for it all and I am impatient😃

I am usually bored and watching tv in the evenings as we have two young dcs so was wondering if I could earn some extra money whilst doing this.

What could I do in the evenings which doesn't involve leaving the house, sales or cold calling to earn a decent amount of extra cash? Not forever living, Avon lady, online surveys or Anything like that please.


notagiraffe Mon 29-Feb-16 20:16:23

I tutor - never more than one pupil a night as it is intrusive on family life but the pay is good. I also do copywriting. Again, good pay but a specialist market that you can't just break into.
A friend makes craft stuff for a Not on the High Street retailer
Another friend makes jewellery, hand made cards, cushions and candles which she sells once a month in markets.
Another friend runs a language conversation class from home.
Another one makes curtains.
Another one makes birthday cakes.

Hadn't realised how many friends I have who run cottage industries from home part time until you asked!

I used to pay a woman to do my ironing when I had money to burn. I had to drop it to her and collect it from her but it was worth it.

ameliaesmith84 Tue 01-Mar-16 09:41:08

I used to go to a lot of car boot sales and look out for bargains and then sell them on at a profit on ebay, haven't done that for a while but I made £200 or so extra a month which really helped!

At the moment I cleaning & laundry services two evenings a week too.

Cleo81 Tue 01-Mar-16 10:07:27

Thanks for suggestions. Don't fancy tutoring as my job is with children. Not creative enough for the other suggestions although would love to set up my own baking business. But that's something for the future.

Was thinking of something I can do just sat down being lazy. Don't do my own ironing so wouldn't do other people's.

ChammyIRL Tue 01-Mar-16 11:54:41

Matched Betting? It's tax-free too so no need to register as self-employed for it - which you would have to do if you were to find regular work from home work. It's one of my working from home incomes (I do a few things) but it is the one that is bringing in the most each month smile Very easy to do while sat around being lazy haha

I do have a blog post about it if you want to know a little more:

Failing that there are other things such as web search evaluation, mystery shopping, places like Fiverr and PeoplePerHour where you can offer a service such as writing (another post of mine here

Hope these ideas help.

dogsnotsprogs Tue 15-Mar-16 18:06:30

I've made about £300 by just selling any clothes/shoes/bags I don't wear. You can advertise on local selling sites on Facebook, eBay or a brilliant app I use called 'Depop'.

MissSueFlay Tue 15-Mar-16 18:15:10

There was a woman on my team who I never saw as she worked from home doing data entry and data clean-up for the company's huge database. She had to do X hours per month, but it was up to her when she did them. You would need to learn specific skills but it could be something you fit into your down-time.

hettyGreek Sun 20-Mar-16 11:06:32

How do you get into tutoring? Are there any good sites?

Would someone who has been in industry for a long time rather than teaching be suitable?

simplydivine05 Sun 20-Mar-16 18:54:30

Have you considered Lion Bridge? It's checking websites basically. I did it for around 6 months and earned a fairly decent amount from it. I believe you can do it for up to 12 months. It can be a bit tedious, and they usually offer different jobs, some better paid than others, but I would recommend it. You have to pass at least one test to work for them, but this is nothing too taxing if you read the instructions carefully.

MrsSteptoe Sun 20-Mar-16 18:59:44

Are you a sufficiently quick typist to do transcripts? I don't think it's wonderfully well paid and you need to be fast and accurate with first rate spelling but .. I'm not selling this, am I! Here's a link anyway!

Wishitwaswarmer Sun 20-Mar-16 19:19:56

SimplyDivine - Could I ask how much Lionbridge pay? I can't find anything on their website but this looks like something I could potentially do

simplydivine05 Mon 21-Mar-16 11:27:11

Wishitwaswarmer from what I can remember it was about £10 an hour as a website checker. You had to complete training in your own time however,so they paid a good rate to compensate. My sister in law did another job for them that was pay per click. I believe this equated to less than minimum wag. There was plenty of work available in both roles though. I used to do about 15 hours a week but could have done more if I had time.

simplydivine05 Mon 21-Mar-16 11:27:36


MrsSteptoe Mon 21-Mar-16 12:08:59

Sorry for question, but what's website checking? Going through and checking that all the click-throughs are working?

Wishitwaswarmer Mon 21-Mar-16 16:03:29

That's great, thank you. I'll definitely have a look at this

simplydivine05 Tue 22-Mar-16 13:00:24

MrsSteptoe you are asked to rate a particular site on several things and they give you guidance on the rating system. It could be anything from how it looks, to whether it loads, to the wording. You are essentially working for Google. There are other jobs available too though. When I worked for them they were developing the voice command system for Android so they asked to write down several ways of saying the same thing. For example, you want to set a diary reminder on your phone, how would you word that?

MrsSteptoe Tue 22-Mar-16 13:25:54

simplydivine Thank you so much for the response! That's a really good thing to bookmark. If DP's current good patch turns out to be a yet another false dawn DP hits another bad patch, I may suggest it to him.

JulietteRossi Tue 22-Mar-16 17:38:25

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

hettyGreek Tue 22-Mar-16 18:28:57

10 pounds an hour sounds great for online stuff at home. I should give that a try, but would need to make sure I got more than 7 hours a week to make it worth getting off JSA

BendydickCuminsnatch Tue 22-Mar-16 18:40:44

Oh I am going to nab some of these ideas! I've just got 2 big suitcases out and they're full of clothes I haven't used for a year. Where's the best place to sell them? Was thinking Vinted or eBay but I've seen stuff hang around for a long long time on Vinted, and selling fees on eBay, so open to suggestions.

DeepFriedFlamingo Fri 25-Mar-16 07:24:29

I was an online bingo chat moderator last year, was only minimum wage but I did it sat at home with the laptop. Virtue Fusion is the company that does it grin

simplydivine05 Fri 25-Mar-16 11:48:41

Hetty there is usually more than 7 hours a week available. There were some weeks when there wasn't a lot but the following week would make up for it. That's just the risk you take with self employment.
bendy I have always used eBay for things like that and find items sell better in bundles, however a friend of mine prefers shpock and a local Facebook selling group.

Capricornandproud Wed 15-Jun-16 22:53:55

Marking place here to come back to!!

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