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Benefits and fraud

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lauraann137 Wed 24-Feb-16 03:25:41

Hello, I really need some help/advise as I have a bad feeling about this and do not know what to do. Going to try and cut along story short, I was with my kids dad for 6 years he was always dodgy dealing, hiding money, buying property in the kids name ect when I left him 3 years ago I thought I'd left all that as well, me and my current partner have a joint claim together on benifits and received a phone call before Christmas someone from benifit department claiming that they have evidence that I have two bank accounts one with substantial amount of money going through, well to my knowledge this is not true he asked for my bank details over the phone and I refused as I didn't trust who he was I hung up and never heard anything until this week when I received a letter saying I've got to go in for a interview, I have no idea what there talking about with this money, trust me if I had "substantial " money I wouldn't be living in a shit hole and catching buses. I'm really worried as my ex had access to my bank when we was together and if he has done something without my knowledge can I still be charged with fraud ? I'm freaking out I can't go to jail I have two young children and me and my partner already have alot going on and this will break us. Please can someone help/advise my bank confirms I only have one account

Fluffycloudland77 Wed 24-Feb-16 07:37:02

If he's set up an account in your name it's a police matter.

Oldsu Thu 25-Feb-16 01:40:23

Is it a compliance interview or an interview under caution.

gooseberryroolz Thu 25-Feb-16 01:53:11

You can report anything your ex might have done to the police yourself at any point.

You'll need to know a bit more to do that, which isn't information that you're likely to be given access to in an interview under caution. It might be wise to see a solicitor to try to navigate this.

Broken1Girl Thu 25-Feb-16 02:14:56

Could have been a scam phone call, or even dodgy ex trying to scare you. And the letter a coincidence - just routine interview. What does it actually say? (I got ESA letter that terrified me, was actually nothing as it turned out).
Twat ex no longer has access to your account and you check it regularly I assume?
Scary, but don't panic flowers

lauraann137 Thu 25-Feb-16 02:58:37

I think it's compliance interview, it's tomorrow, I can't sleep I'm so worried

lauraann137 Thu 25-Feb-16 03:00:50

I've spent tonight going through my bank statements and I cannot see this substantial money there on about and I only have one account which my bank has confirmed, as much as I'm nervous and scared about tomorrows interview Im actually intrigued to find out what it's about x

lauraann137 Thu 25-Feb-16 03:01:26

What's the difference

gooseberryroolz Thu 25-Feb-16 03:10:44

So it will recorded on two tapes and you'll be formally cautioned. Try not to be intimidated. Just tell the truth. Talk slowly and take deep breaths if you're wobbly. flowers

gooseberryroolz Thu 25-Feb-16 03:13:36

By cautioned I mean they'll read you your rights before they start (You do not have to say anything but anything you do say... and so on).

I read an article about the boom in compliance interviews under caution. I wonder if I can find it again. It might be helpful.

GreenSand Thu 25-Feb-16 04:56:16

Just a thought, if you sign up to a credit reference agency, for a free trial, would that record all your bank accounts? I'm not in the UK, so don't know.
Ex could have set up an account with a different bank?
Or annlaura731 may be rather wealthy, and they have got the records mixed up.
You know you've got nothing to hide, so tell the truth, and see where it goes. flowerschocolate

FishWithABicycle Thu 25-Feb-16 05:10:57

Keep your cool. Assuming you have been 100% honest in your own applications any evidence they have collected will be useful for prosecuting your ex for whatever fraud he is perpetuating. In the interview be open and collaborative - neither defensive nor aggressive because you and the interviewers are actually on the same side here (although they won't know this fact until you can explain it)

gooseberryroolz Thu 25-Feb-16 05:38:43

Green's idea is a very good one. Experian and Equifax and supposed to be the most comprehensive (widely used) agencies. You might be able to sign up online and print a report this AM before you leave.

Oldsu Thu 25-Feb-16 06:35:52

A compliance interview is different to an interview under caution.

There are 2 reasons for an CI, one is a spot check or just a revue, the other may be because they believe there may have been an overpayment or error, a CI MAY end up with an IUC, but it wont be recorded and you wont be cautioned (the clue is in the name)

A IUC is when they have a reason to believe there may be fraudulent activity and it will be recorded and a police type caution issued.

You can take someone with you and you can engage a solicitor to act for you and you can defer the time and day of the interview until you have organised this I will post a link when I can

Oldsu Thu 25-Feb-16 06:52:50

VinceNoirLovesHowardMoon Thu 25-Feb-16 07:09:43

Register with noddle, it's completely free unlike experian and rquifax and it will give a list of all your financial accounts and the balances. You could print it out to take with you.

lauraann137 Thu 25-Feb-16 09:57:33

Already checked credit report I can still only see one account , getting ready for interview now, wish me luck!!

beckysales Thu 25-Feb-16 16:16:26

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Chocolatekeepsmesane Thu 25-Feb-16 16:21:37

How did it go lauraann137?

lauraann137 Thu 25-Feb-16 16:38:19

I think ... from what I gathered , he said there's an issue regarding two bank accounts in my name, I stated that I only have one current account but I do have two saving accounts for my children I do not use these for savings as I haven't got any money to save, the only time I use the one saving account t is to transfer money in there to save up my rent then transfer it backnowledged to pay my landlord so I have to get a statement from the bank proving this and the statements from my saving accounts he has gave me the sort code and last three digits of a/n for these accounts they are questioning and if they don't match the details on my accounts then it's obviously a police matter, the one thing I didn't understand was these two accounts was set up in two different areas I proved on my statements where my bank was held so I guess I've just got to get on the phone tomorrow and speak to my bank x

Chocolatekeepsmesane Thu 25-Feb-16 16:58:54

Sounds a bit confusing. But definitely talk to the bank and check the account numbers. Good luck

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