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Do I pay tax on my child benefit?

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steelbutterfly Thu 18-Feb-16 05:14:02

I am self-employed, work PT and am not a high earner. I complete a self assessment each year, and have noticed it asks if I receive child benefit - I do (about £80 p/m I think). My income is low and much of it goes on childcare, would I still be taxed on this? Some years I haven't even gone over the £10,000 threshold for tax. Should I be putting some of the money from CB aside to pay back to HMRC? Seems a bit pointless and confusing to me! Any advice is appreciated.

GreenSand Thu 18-Feb-16 05:44:25

I think the CB question if to catch people who earn above the limit for receiving Child Benifit.
I can't remember the numbers, but if someone earns between 40 and 50k, they can't claim all the child benifit, and over 50k, there is no child benifit?

icklekid Thu 18-Feb-16 05:47:10

No you won't be taxed if you and your partner earn less than 50k

TalkinPeace Thu 18-Feb-16 13:31:49

CB is not taxable on anybody

but higher earners are not entitled to it so can have it recovered through their tax return

steelbutterfly Fri 19-Feb-16 03:19:35

Okay. that answers that! Thank you all. 🙂

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