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Income support backdate appeal help *poss abuse triggers*

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Teateaglorioustea Thu 11-Feb-16 14:17:57

Hi I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right place, but any pointers or advice gratefully received.

I've recently claimed I.s. (2 kids,1 under 5, pay a mrtgage), and requested it to be backdated to the date my partner left. That was roughly 3 months from the date I made the claim. The chap that took my claim on the phone said he needed to put an explanation for why I hadn't applied sooner/ was requesting back date said he only had 200 characters as I was trying to explain I'm suffering with anxiety and depression, take medication and completed counselling in January. What I didn't tell him was that was a result of years of domestic abuse in every form, including rape, other than being hit, kicked etc., total lack of confidence, self esteem, and major fear of anything official, health triggers. And that I Was really too much of a nervous depressed wreck to do anything much of any use. Not really the sort of thing I've just had to drop into conversation before. Not something I'm comfortable with sharing. I know it sounds ridiculous, but just making the claim was a huge challenge for me. I had support from the place where I had counselling, it was a long build up to making that call! They're not really benefit specialists. But very kind and helpful.

I'm desperate for money. I've been surviving on some maintenance the dad pays which just covers the mortgage and some debt, child benefit and my parents lend me some money here and there, which I hope to pay back when I'm working. I've applied for work but so far been unsuccessful. My depression is worsening, I don't sleep much, I've had more panic attacks lately and I honestly never wanted to claim benefits, but the longer this goes on, the further away I feel from being able to cope with work. I don't get tax credits due to the child benefit being in my ex's name. I was told you need a child benefit number to claim tax credit. I've applied for the child benefit to be in my name for our two children. He has a daughter from previous marriage. I receive the CB for all 3 which is a cock up I've been begging him to sort out for years to no avail, also a huge source of anxiety as I thought this was illegal and it was only a matter of time before the ¥$*^hit the fan. Apparently that's ok. But they have to write to him for his permission for the claim to be in my name. ( just for our two) So that Has already caused delay. I'm not sure about ringing tax credits to check this I can't afford to wait another several weeks for tax credit pending when my ex gets a letter and when / if he replies, he says he will, but I can't trust him. I'm know it sounds really pathetic but I'm actually scared of speaking to them.
I'm I need to sell my car ( which I don't feel morally right doing, as it's a nail!) and I have some things to put on eBay.
My issue is, do I challenge the decision for not allowing a back dated payment, or do I just let it go in the hope that will speed up the process of me actually receiving some money? The letter refers to "a list of laws" regarding what reasons for backdated payments are allowed, and my Reason wasn't on the list. but there's no info on what these are, Google search proved fruitless.

Sorry to be long. Please don't flame me for being a lazy single mum. I'm trying my best.

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