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food bills

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sheard Tue 09-Feb-16 20:39:18

How much do u spend on food 2xadults one child !??is 100 excessive

Hamiltoes Tue 09-Feb-16 23:09:46

Yes I would say so.

Before I was a SP I did weekly £40 shop in lidl for 2 adults 1 child and baby with nappies, then maybe a £20 weekly top up for bread/ milk/ fruit&veg at local tescos.

Now 1 adult 2 children (+nappies) I'm about £40 a week for everything at the most.

madmother1 Tue 09-Feb-16 23:11:40

1 adult, 19 year old and 15 year old. £80 per week, includes cleaning and bathing products. I shop at Aldi, with the odd item from Tesco.

madmother1 Tue 09-Feb-16 23:12:34

I'm impressed Hamiltoes!

RoseDeWittBukater Tue 09-Feb-16 23:19:05

Extremely. I can (and do) feed 2 adults and 4 children for less than £80pw including toiletries. We eat fresh, healthy home made food.

sheard Wed 10-Feb-16 06:59:45

thanks all will be trying to reduce spend xx

Thattimeofyearagain Wed 10-Feb-16 07:13:54

I'm trying to spend less too : 2adults and teenage Dd. We average £80pw but I'm hoping to bring it down to *£55 ish by being more organized & cooking from scratch. Also going to do veggie meals a couple of times a week.

19lottie82 Wed 10-Feb-16 08:36:11

I don't know I would say it could be done for a lot less, but I wouldn't say it's way above average, especially if you eat well and it includes ther household items from the supermarket and top up shops.

rosieliveson1 Wed 10-Feb-16 08:37:33

Hmm, we are 2 adults and a toddler and spend about £120 a week shopping at sainsburys. Looks like we are wel above average 😖

lovelyupnorth Wed 10-Feb-16 16:57:01

2 ad 2 dc 13/15 we spend between 60-80 a week mixture of Aldi and local butcher/green grocer.

Pippa12 Sat 05-Mar-16 18:04:39

2 adults and a 4 year old. £60-£70 max including cleaning products, toiletries and treats.

gotleftbehind Sat 05-Mar-16 21:57:37

£60pw for two adults and a teenager, including toiletries and cleaning products. I could do it for less if we did some veggie meals but DH and DS aren't keen - we eat meat most days.

blueteapot Sun 06-Mar-16 08:44:16

About 60 a week here for 2 adults a 3 year old and a 1 year old, includes nappies for the 1 year old. Lidl is fab but if cant get to lidl we shop online and stick to the budget

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