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CMS Variation for Travel

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Bythebeach Sat 06-Feb-16 23:44:43

Just wondered what the rules were for reducing CMS when travel costs are incurred for contact in the case where both parties (parents with care & parent without care) share the travelling? I have telephoned the CMS but they seemed uncertain and seemed to believe that travel costs were only paid by the parent without care to maintain contact and assumed it is always the parent without care who does the travelling. If this is the case, it is galling to lose maintenance for my child's upkeep to pay for their travel whilst still having to fund my own travel to facilitate contact. What is the best option in this case - should I stop doing half the travelling?

AndNowItsSeven Sun 07-Feb-16 01:02:51

Maintenance covers your child travel eg to school , days out, the doctors etc.
You pay your own travel so your child is able to maintain a relationship with you.

Bythebeach Sun 07-Feb-16 01:34:16

Sorry I've not been clear. My ex has applied to the CMS for a special variation to reduce the maintenance he pays because of his travel costs for contact. I am just wondering if this is fair as
1) My child still costs the same to look after
2) we share the travel i.e. I get him up to his dad's and his dad brings him back to me - we both pay the cost burden of contact.

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